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Why keeping your mental health on track coming out of lockdown will be important

As restrictions start to ease, many of us are possibly feeling something that we never expected. Anxious about having to go back out in the world, and there are so many reasons for it.

For starters, having a reason to say no to social gatherings has probably brought comfort to some, but now that we are “free” and outings and invitations are coming in Hot it is a strong cause of anxiety for some.

Freeing up travelling time has meant that people have had more time to look after their health and wellness and of course there is the fact that COVID-19 will be rampant once the flood gates open, which can bring a bunch of feelings of uncertainty. Then there is still the question of homeschooling vs sending the kids back to school.

While everything starts getting back to normal or the “new normal” it is important to make sure we continue to take care of our mental health, if not prioritise it. Meditation and mindfulness guide Luke McLeod tells us how.

Don’t be afraid to say no

If you are feeling anxious about excess socialising and needing to travel more than you would like to, I suggest dedicating a few social hours per week to ensure you are not overwhelmed and/or get comfortable with saying no. Mums are already juggling kids, work, whatever else is going on in their lives and having excess social occasions is going to get overwhelming fast. 

Take care of yourself and put a plan in place that works for your lifestyle in terms of how you are going to manage your time In terms of what you need to do, me time and social time.

Schedule in some time to work on your mental health

Whether meditation and mindfulness is your thing, journaling, a nature walk, make sure you schedule some time to look after yourself and to do something that benefits your mental health. If you are not your best self, how can you expect to be the best you can be for others. Don’t feel bad about prioritising yourself.

Organise wellness activities with your friends

Eating and drinking with your friends are fun, but why not make the experience even more beneficial by adding a bit of wellness into your catch-ups.

I have partnered up with the QT Bondi to organise a night of meditation, snacks, a delicious dinner at Eden Bondi and even a Staycation at the QT Bondi for those who want to stay the night. Learn how to meditate and have a nice night with your friends (or on your own) learning how to get the most out of meditation. This should be an evening of relaxation, connection and a focus on your mental health and wellbeing.

About Soul Space with Luke McLeod 

Meditation and mindfulness guide Luke McLeod has teamed up with QT Bondi to host a night of wellness and good vibes to celebrate the coming out of lockdown.