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Where Happiness Hides

In times of isolation, fall in love again with the simple things in life. Introducing ‘Where Happiness Hides’ by Anthony Bertini.

Happiness is free. This is the message that children?s fable, Where Happiness Hides is offering to families who are looking for hidden moments of happiness in this time of social isolation.

Written by renowned children?s book author, Anthony Bertani together with Dirt Lane Press, illustrator Jennifer Goldsmith and actress Greta Scacchi, the e-book is a gift to children and the child in all of us during social isolation and adversity.

The beautifully illustrated fable is shared in 35 different languages, giving reminders and messages of hope and resilience through these tough times.?

For parents and families looking for glimpses of happiness, Where Happiness Hides encourages you to look past the big things and once again discover the magic in small treasures of everyday life. The book hopes to inspire families around the world to find joy in the brevity and preciousness of life, and how we can savor moments even in times like these.

Ask yourself each day; what?s bringing me joy right now? Although the answer to this question may not be wildly different to what has always brought you joy, you may start to notice smaller things that usually slip by. This book is designed to do just this. By reading the adventures set in this fable, you will grow to notice the treasures around you. In nature, family, and friends, life shouldn?t get in the way of remembering that happiness is free.

The story captures the child-like curiosity and imagination through a journey taken by two siblings who both find pleasure and wonder in small things. This story inspires its audience to see how happiness can hide in bowls of soup, beetles and shadows. With incredible illustrations and beautiful writing, your children will be able to follow along with these siblings who embark on a fun adventure to capture joy. Where Happiness Hides celebrates simplicity and curiosity in an otherwise crazy world.

In this evolving time, finding happiness is more difficult than normal, but Where Happiness Hides invites both children and adults to momentarily forget about health pandemics and hardships. Instead, remember that happiness exists in everything we do and everywhere we go. Celebrating family and friends and focusing on ourselves will help us look beyond the negative and remember where happiness hides.

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