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What to do when your favourite beauty product is discontinued

Most of us who love makeup have, at some time, experienced the exasperation and disappointment when a product that we enjoy gets discontinued.?

The same often goes for limited edition sets and one offs; you?ll find a fantastic tutorial on YouTube or Instagram, and the influencer might use an item that?s no longer available.

It?s often too late when we find out as we often only replace our products when they?re run out and by then it?s too late.

Companies discontinue specific products and entire ranges for a number of different reasons. 

The most common are:

  • Products have certain life-span and are no longer considered on-trend or in fashion.
  • To make room for beauty trends and for products that use the latest technology.  Often when a new product is being introduced, brands will simultaneously discontinue one of their ?older? products.
  • A case of over-supply and once that range has finished production, it?s discontinued.
  • Legislation can change that may render some or all ingredients potentially harmful.

Popular cosmetic brand MAC state on their website the reasons they discontinue certain products:

1. Another similar product has been developed which they feel provides better performance.

2. One of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process has been discontinued by the supplier, and we have been unable to find a suitable alternative.

3. Customer preference and purchasing patterns.

There are some options available to help you find that coveted palette or the lipstick go-to you can?t live without.


Often your most coveted product will have a very similar shade from another brand or from a different range from the same brand (also known as a ?dupe?).  Websites like Temptalia and Findation are a great source of information to research alternatives to the products that could be the next best thing to your discontinued favourite.

The great hunt – searching online

There are some fantastic Australian makeup websites to browse who supply overstocked products, often you?ll find discontinued lines there, too.

You can try your luck at Cosmetic Capital  and Glossi | Cheap Makeup Online | Discount Cosmetics Australia, Online Cosmetics Retailer

Discount and outlet sites such as Ozsale and Catch can also be a great source of products that are hard to find.

Lastly, another option is to experiment with mixing existing products in your makeup kit (such as foundation and creme other products) to give you a similar shade. 

Susan Napper is a North Shore based mobile Makeup Artist/Beauty Concierge and mum of two girls.  Susan has helped hundreds of North Shore women update their makeup kit and rediscover their own beauty style. With many years? experience in beauty, she has the know-how to make you feel confident by finding and using beauty products with minimal effort. Susan offers One-on-One beauty concierge consultations and makeup services for events, with access to a team of other talented hairstylists and beauty professionals.  For more information and to book a session contact her on 0414 879 678.

Instagram: @susannappermua