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What they don’t tell new mums about their first period after giving birth

Becoming a mother is an incredibly transformative experience, filled with joy, wonder, and – of course – many sleepless nights. Amidst the chaos of caring for a newborn, the first postpartum period often catches new mothers off guard. 

The first period after giving birth can be quite different from what we were accustomed to before pregnancy. It can come with heavy bleeding, clotting, irregularities, and unpredictable start and stop patterns. Many new mums – myself included – are taken by surprise and struggle to manage this aspect of their postpartum journey.

Postpartum periods can be unpredictable and can often take time to regulate. Monitoring your flow closely can help you gain insights into your body’s changes, helping you to better prepare for the unexpected and adjust your self-care routine accordingly.

Changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy and childbirth can see their period care needs shift significantly, meaning going straight back to a pre-pregnancy period care routine isn’t always possible or practical. Pregnancy can change your chemical makeup and hormones for good, meaning your period symptoms prior to having children may be markedly different to those post-natal. 

Traditional options such as tampons may feel unappealing, period cups might not fit like before, and pads that have to be constantly changed may not meet the needs of a busy new mum. When you’ve got a new baby to take care of, the last thing you need is to be racing to the bathroom every couple of hours to change a soaked-through pad or tampon. 

It’s crucial to find products that are gentle and supportive during this sensitive time. Reusable menstrual products, such as menstrual discs, are designed to provide comfort, convenience, and support, allowing new mums to focus on their little ones without constant interruptions. 

Unlike other products on the market, the menstrual disc only needs to be changed once a day, even when your period is extremely heavy – it can hold four tampons’ worth of fluid! Discs can also help you keep track and monitor your flow in more detail, which can be helpful for a more in-depth understanding of where your body is at.

Financial considerations are another common concern for new parents, particularly with the additional expenses that come with a newborn. Choosing cost-effective menstrual products, such as reusable options, can help alleviate some of the financial strain. By investing in reusable products, new mums can save money in the long run compared to continuously purchasing disposable options.

Motherhood often inspires a shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options. Choosing reusable menstrual products aligns with this mindset, as they significantly reduce waste compared to their disposable counterparts. By opting for reusable options, new mums can contribute to a greener future for their children.

The first period after giving birth can bring unexpected changes and challenges for new mums. It’s essential to recognise and address these realities to navigate this phase with comfort and confidence, so new mums can feel empowered to have a period on their terms amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Female-founded femtech brand Hey Zomi is the first reusable menstrual disc to be designed and made in Australia. Founded by sisters Zoe and Mika, Hey Zomi liberates those who menstruate by helping its customers have periods on their terms, embrace the flow, and live unapologetically. 

With clever design at the heart of this product, Hey Zomi allows users to enjoy mess-free period sex and can even help alleviate menstrual cramps. The reusable menstrual disc solves a huge range of key issues faced by menstruators, including cost, comfort, convenience, sustainability, inclusivity, empowerment and education. 

With an expected lifespan of up to five years, the Hey Zomi menstrual disc is good for both the environment and your wallet. Designed to fit your body and manage your flow better than other period products on the market, Hey Zomi is a driving force behind Australia’s period care revolution. 

About Zoe Fehlberg, Co-Founder Hey Zomi:

Zoe is one half of the dynamic sister duo behind Australia’s first reusable menstrual disc, Hey Zomi. With a background in business and product development, time spent on the trading floor, and a passion for women’s health and wellbeing, it seemed inevitable that Zoe would end up in the femtech space. 

Along with her sister, Mika, Zoe launched Hey Zomi in 2023 as Australia’s first reusable menstrual disc. The business aims to help those who menstruate live their lives unburdened by bleeding, and is committed to providing everyone, everywhere with access to safe and effective period products that don’t cost the earth.