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What Mums Really Want On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day offers us the opportunity to recognize, thank and show our appreciation to our mums, mothers-in-law, grandmothers and other females who have had a positive impact in our life.

I asked some of the mums in my community what they would ?really? like for Mother?s Day and their responses made me smile, partly because they were said ?tongue in cheek? and partly because they were laced with ironic truth. Maybe you can relate :

  1. A clean house – the family have made an effort to tidy up all their own mess
  2. Allowed to sleep until I wake up naturally, not breakfast in bed at 6am!
  3. A deep bath and time alone (mums with younger kids)
  4. Quality time playing a board game (mums with older kids)
  5. A hand-made card (mums with younger kids)
  6. A written letter (mums with older kids)
  7. Not having to cook anything all day
  8. Tell me how much you appreciate me
  9. Clean my car inside & out
  10. A good book or glossy magazine to devour
  11. Agree and tell me I?m right!
  12. A family photo where everyone looks happy to be there
  13. Watch a family movie together
  14. No arguments all day long
  15. A coach to support me with my dreams and goals

Most mums are actually easy to please. They just want to feel significant and receive a bit of recognition for all the hours of organizing, cleaning, cooking, working, driving and loving that they do unconditionally every day.

One resounding message was that they would love a bit more support and acknowledgement as capable individuals who have dreams and goals of their own! Many of these women are advisers, leaders and business owners. They contribute to their communities and families with no expectation of reward.

So I have decided to give a gift to the ?mum? in your life (could be you!)

My genius zone is empowering women to step up and be the leader of their own life, to build their confidence and enjoy success, so I?m offering a free strategy call for mums who are looking for change and personal/ professional growth but just don?t know where to start.

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