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Water Play for You and Your Baby

Did you know that you can enrol babies as young as four months old in learn to swim classes? And according to the experts in water safety and learning to swim, the earlier you introduce babies to the water the less chance there is they will develop a fear of water.

To get you started, BabyLove Nappies has a cool range of Swim Pants – especially made for aqua fun. BabyLove Swim Pants are specifically designed for water use and don’t swell in water. The unisex range is available in three sizes Small (6-12kg) Medium (9-14kg) and Large (12-22kg). They feature a 360-degree stretchy waist band for extra comfort, and easy to tear side seams assist with fast removal.

‘Summer is synonymous with swimming and BabyLove Swim Pants offer babies a fun and safe way to enjoy the water. The bright range of playful designs are super comfortable and provide peace of mind when heading to the beach or pool this season,’ said BabyLove’s Marketing and Strategy Manager, Michael Joel.

BabyLove research shows that 81 percent of families will use a nappy on their child when they go swimming, so there’s a great demand for a nappy specially designed for water use. BabyLove Swim Pants are available at Chemist Warehouse, Big W and select IGA and pharmacies.

Before heading to the pool, BabyLove has gathered helpful tips fromthe Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA) on how to get your newborn embracing the water:

  • During bath time, introduce you baby to buoyancy and the movement of water on their skin
  • Introduce your baby to the sensation of water on their face by using a face washer and graduating to a cup
  • In the swimming pool, gently support your baby and move them in the water to build their confidence and enjoyment of water play.

There are many benefits associated with learning to swim, and these include: safety around water, gentle exercise and coordination, skin to skin contact and improved sleep and feeding.

The Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA), which has over 350 Swim School members, says learning to swim is an essential life skill that every child should have the opportunity to access. ‘Safety around water and drowning prevention is critical to all Australians,’ said ASSA’s General Manager, Emily McNeill. 

ASSA’s top tips for parents enrolling their children in Swimming Lessons are:

  • Start swimming classes! Babies readily embrace water so get started early
  • Invest in a comfortable pair of goggles to see underwater and a swim cap to keep their hair off their face
  • Have a dress rehearsal – familiarise your child with their swim gear in the lead up to their first lesson
  • Arrive early, stress less – Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before class so everyone’s relaxed and ready to go
  • Try not to distract your child – Remember the teacher will need your child’s full attention
  • Have Fun! Swimming is important to your child’s development, but so too is enjoying the class!

BabyLove Nappies is one of Australia’s leading nappy brands with an extensive range of nappies to suit all ages and stages of development. The full BabyLove range includes CosiFit™, Nappy Pants, SleepyNights Pants, Premmie nappies, Wipes and Swim Pants. For more information about BabyLove please visit BabyLove Nappies  or

To find your local ASSA Swim School