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UpandSee Australia -“Probably the best Learning Tower”

The story

Elisabeth (3y) and Jakob (15m) are super curious, active children. They want to take part in all that goes on in our house. How does daddy make pancakes? What is going on outdoors? How can we wash hands at the kitchen sink?

Lifting is rarely an option – parents only have two arms, and children only grow heavier.

We looked around for learning towers but none of the existing options was ideal. A better, height adjustable, more stable, more reasonably priced, tower was needed.

So, we started sketching, tinkering and testing. It took us a lot of wood, sawing, sanding, lacquering and some fifteen prototype towers, until we finally got all the minute details right – and our two enthusiastic test pilots approved the design by a high-five to mom and dad.

Our friends too loved the design, so we handcrafted half a dozen towers for their children. Then we found a dedicated children’s furniture manufacturer, made a nice little logo and started this webshop.

Elisabeth named our tower “UpAndSee”, which has ever since been one of our best helpers at home. We are sure you will love it too.

Anna & Niels


  • Premium quality
  • Height adjustable – the upper step can be set at 37cm, 43cm or 49cm height
  • Foot rail on three sides around the upper step
  • Lots of good holds for small hands when climbing
  • Light weight for easy daily handling
  • Felt pads for floor protection
  • European birch wood
  • Compact when disassembled and put to storage

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Get one for yourself and one for the grandparents – use discount code SAVE20 at checkout. Orders placed before 12pm will be shipped the same day.

What customers are saying…

“We’ve now got two upandsees – one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. I don’t know how we lived without them.” – R.Squires

“This might be our favourite kitchen accessory.” – B. McFadden

“Ours has as easily been the best money spent for our child. Now a bit concerned as our newborn ages and we don’t have the space for a second one. :)” – E. Darrow

“Our upandsee makes it is so easy for our 2-year-old son to be part of the action. We love how easy it was to put together and how nice it looks in the kitchen. We also love that we are supporting a local Northern Beaches business.” – N. Gama

Phone: 0449 070 472 – Anders (Newport)