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Unleash Your Child’s Literacy Learning with I Can Read

“My daughter loves the I Can Read program. It is great to see how she has improved over the term, and I love seeing how excited she is when she gets answers correct. She always looks forward to her class every week because she knows she will learn something new. She has become alot more interested in spelling and sounding out words and she has even started to read words herself, by sounding them out. She is always using what she learns at I Can Read and I couldn’t be happier with her progress!” Nicole, mum of Sophia

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Learning to read can be a challenge for many children, and even more so, following the recent months of home-schooling. If you’d like to give your child some extra help and a distinct advantage at school, you won’t find anywhere better than I Can Read – it is the world’s most successful reading system with a 100% success record.

The I Can Read System has been developed by educational psychologists and has enabled over 200,000 children to read through 8 countries. It is a proven system that teaches every child to read quickly and easily, and had never failed!

Every teacher at all Australian I Can Read literacy centres has been fully trained in the I Can Read System methodology.

Courses include:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Creative Writing
  • Oral Presentation Skills
  • Speech and Drama
  • Literacy Appreciation

From preschool to upper primary. Children can start their literacy journey from 3.5 years in the Little Bears Club, and progress through the I Can Read programme to the Advanced Language and Literacy programme.

Give your child the gift of literacy confidence and a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Did you know that Australian schools claim a 60% success rate in teaching children to read, with the remaining 40% noted as having some kind of learning difficulty – or, as teachers frequently tell parents, “He/she will come good later.”

Though the 60% success rate, may not seem to be the greatest achievement, the situation is even more concerning when you understand the context.

Research into reading acquisition shows that irrespective of the instructional methods used by teachers, some 60% of children will learn how to read. So that means, that irrespective of the teaching methods utilised by their teacher, around 60% of students actually work out for themselves the nature of the alphabetic principle, how to access phonemes, how to process a sequence of phonemes into co-articulated utterances, and more.

This really highlights how the system is failing your children. This is not the fault of the teachers, but of the way in with the teachers themselves are being trained, meaning many children are being set up to fail.

Read the full article here, with our advice on what you can do to help.

This course will first of all encourage the shy child to put pen to paper. It follows a structured outline, covering how to generate ideas, how to develop ideas, how to express ideas in creative ways, and how to write them in composition.

For the confident writer, the course will channel his or her abilities into more fluent and creative written expression.

All children will learn the fundamentals of what makes a good story while attending to grammar, syntax, and tense. Setting, theme, characterisation, plot and metaphor will be built into story construction. The course is practical and each child must bring an exercise book and pencils and pens. Maximum 4 students per class (2 hours per day Monday to Friday).

Ensure your child is fully prepared and ready for school. The I Can Read Preliminary Reading Programme is designed to develop both expressive and receptive vocabulary as well as essential pre-reading skills necessary before learning to read. This programme establishes the child’s phonological abilities, letter formation and the use of phonics in decoding.

It is important your child has the early communication skills needed when starting school, is able to communicate in full sentences and has some reading ability. It’s important because a child who is behind when starting school may find it difficult to catch up.

Please don’t wait; the gap just widens! Maximum 4 students per class (1.5 hours per day Monday to Friday).

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