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TV?s favourite couple says it?s not all champagne and roses when it comes to parenting baby Willow, and they?re not afraid to share it

They made hearts swoon as?The Bachelor?s?most popular coupling, going on to share their engagement and pregnancy news, and now Snezana and Sam Wood are back. But this time they?re opening the nursery doors to other mums and dads to share their first-hand experiences in parenting.

The reality TV show parents have joined forces with BabyLove to bring their baby news, views and parenting tips, and don?t expect the filtered version. ?When little Willow came a long and we settled back at home it just felt so right,? says Sam, ?but it was also madness?no sleep, learning on the go and all of that stuff.? And they?re the experiences we want to share.?

Already helping mums and dads get fit online with the?successful 28 by Sam Wood program?which provides quick home workouts, delicious recipes and a refreshingly honest support network?the couple are now adding their down-to-earth, user-friendly parenting tips to the mix. Sam says it?s all about ?keeping it real?.

Despite his success as an online personal trainer and Snez?s science background, they laugh when people assume they have it all worked out. ?The fact is, parenting can be fraught and I really don?t think you can prepare yourself,? Sam says. ?You just need to embrace it all and accept that the greatest thing that will ever happen to you is not all going to be smooth sailing. It can definitely get a bit challenging.?

Like juggling careers with no extended family close, finding time for Snez?s first daughter, Eve aged 13, or driving?anywhere?without tears and tantrums! ?Willow decided early on that she really doesn?t like travelling in the rear-facing car seat,? explains Snez, ?so Sam often drives us around like an Uber with both of us in the back! It?s far from easy. Willow is so beautiful but she?s cheeky and clingy like a little koala.?

One valuable lesson she?s keen to impart: don?t worry what others think and go at your own pace. ?It sounds so simple but that has been key for me. I think it?s the best job in the world and every bond that a mum has with her child is so different. You just need to work out what is right for you and your baby.?

Making couple time is also vital says Sam. ?Now that Willow is ten months old and not solely breastfeeding, we?re going to start date night once a fortnight.?

No matter what, parenting is about empathy, understanding and bonding, he adds. ?We want to show that while it?s harder than you realise, you?re probably doing better than you think, or at least that?s what we?ve found.?

Snezana and Sam will be sharing more of their insights, including pre- and post-childbirth workout and well-being tips on the? from this month onwards.

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