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Toilet training twins or triplets

When you have multiples, there is so much that you can do with both (or all three) of them at the same time or together – same outfits, starting daycare together, first hair cut, and so much more.

However, one thing that you may not be able to do with both at the same time is toilet training. In an ideal world, it would be great to be able to toilet train them together, get it all done and get rid of the nappies at once – it is not always this easy.

Are your twins or triplets ready for toilet training?

Children all develop and are ready for different stages in their lives at different times. You may have mums in your mothers group who are toilet training their kids at 18 months yet your little ones may not be ready. This is nothing to feel bad about or place blame for. Toilet training can happen at different times for different children and you just need to watch their cues and start them when they are ready.

Being developmentally ready is a very important part of toilet training. If you start training when you are ready and not when your child is ready you can begin to encounter a lot of resilience and frustration. Just because they are twins (or triplets!) it doesn?t mean they will all be ready to toilet train at the same time. Watch each child individually and if one or both are showing interest in wanting to train then go with it, if they aren?t showing the interest then leave it for a bit.

Toilet training twins or triplets

When it looks like they are ready to toilet train, set a time to begin training. Try and stay at home for a few days straight to help set up a routine and schedule for them and not having to be up and leaving the house and having to resort back to a nappy ? car accidents are the worst!

Once you have determined that they are showing the interest, show interest back in the toilet training. Get them excited with a pretty potty, lots and lots of encouragement and even rewards. Many parents have had success with using rewards for when they have successfully used the potty.

When purchasing your potty, if buy one for each child. Not only is it a hygiene thing but it is also a way to show them that they have their own special toilet. Plus, it?s almost guaranteed they will want to use it at the same time!!!! There are many things that they can share in life but during this transition from nappies to undies it is important to let them know they have their own special space. Also taking them shopping to buy their own undies is a good incentive. They can choose the ones that they like and will want to wear.

If one twin is showing interest begin the toilet training with them. It is important to still include the other twin as they can then watch their sibling, become intrigued with what they are doing and may want to participate as well. Toilet training can be difficult at the best of times with only one child. If you are able to train both at once ? excellent. If not ? let them tell you in their own time by watching their cues and interest levels and take it one day at a time.

There will be accidents and frustration and tears ? it is all part of the journey

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