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Tips for Finding the Balance Between Work and Parenthood

Once you bring a child into this world, being a parent becomes your primary role in life. However, being a good parent doesn?t put food on the table and most parents are either forced to work or enjoy their work too much to give it up and become stay-at-home mums and dads.

This leaves a lot of parents wondering if they can have it both, enough time and patience to raise children and staying on top of their career goals. The answer is yes, it can be done and it is being done all across Australia and the world, so here are some tips that should make things easier when you find yourself in this sort of situation.

Make a schedule

If you?re going to pursue your career while being a parent, you need to have everything under control, which means you can?t forget to buy diapers or finish that project that has to be presented tomorrow morning. This is why it?s important to make a functional schedule, one that you will follow strictly. It has to contain all your business meetings and deadlines, but also the little things like taking your child to a playdate, visiting your paediatrician or making dinner when you know you?re having guests. Making a schedule isn?t complicated, and it can make your life much easier since you?ll be less likely to forget anything important.

Work from home

If you want to continue working and making money but going to the office every day is making it too hard for you to be a good parent, consider changing your job to the one you can do from home. Some Australian companies are flexible with their working hours, as well as the place you work from, so you might even arrange to keep doing whatever your job is, but from the comfort of your home. Just find a quiet corner of your home, turn it into office space and make sure you have all the necessary equipment and stationery. Another option is to find ways to make money online. You can even turn your skills into profit, so if you?re good at baking, making jewellery, or writing interesting blogs, there?s no reason you can?t earn money that way. Just advertise on social networks and various websites, and you?ll find customers in no time.

Rely on the internet

Whether you?re working at home or in an office, at some point you?re bound to find yourself lacking time. If you have to rush home from work, or you simply can?t leave your child alone at home, but you still have to go shopping, you can skip going to the store yourself and simply order whatever you need online. There are some amazing online retailers, like the extremely convenient Winc in Australia, where you can order anything from office supplies, furniture and machines, to food, kitchen appliances and cleaning products. You don?t have to waste your time wandering around huge stores, when you can have everything delivered to your front door, and even save money in the process by taking advantage of weekly offers and discounts.

Ask for help

Asking for help when you?re overwhelmed with your daily tasks and obligations isn?t something you should avoid. If you have a partner, they should help you with your children or housework, or they can go to the supermarket while you take your little ones to the park. Also, don?t be shy to ask your parents, other relatives and close friends for assistance when you can?t make it on your own. If none of these options work for you, consider finding a good part-time nanny or even a housemaid who will take some of the burden off your back.

Don?t forget yourself

If you make it your mission to find a perfect balance between parenting and work, taking good care of yourself can easily slip your mind. However, self-care isn?t something you want to neglect since you won?t be any good to people around you if you lose yourself in the process. Only if you?re physically and mentally healthy can you be a good parent, partner, or a friend to others. Furthermore, if you lose your will and energy, you won?t be able to do your job well, either. So, find some time every day to nourish yourself and relax, before you can continue with all your tasks.

Choosing between your family and your work isn?t the only option there is. If you?re well-organized and driven, you can do whatever you set your mind to, which include both, having a happy and healthy family and a successful career.

Article provided by Tracey Clayton.
Tracey is a full time mum of three girls. She?s passionate about fashion, home d?cor and healthy living. Her motto is: ?Live the life you love, love the life you live.?