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Think green this season!

Indoor plants like that of Palms and Monsterias, are no longer?considered a thing of the past, they?ve made their way to?become a staple in our homes; you can?t open the pages?of a glossy homes magazine without seeing a little green?somewhere. Green, in it?s full array of shades, is calming and?strong. It can be used to encapsulate a plethora of emotions?that have a lasting impact.?So much so that power of green is making its way not only?into our homes via the way of plants, but into beautiful pots,?soft furnishings and our textiles. Everywhere we look Green is?the colour of the season; it pairs so beautiful with the likes of?many that we are seeing it blend so easily and effortlessly.

Everywhere we look green is a constant in our day to day lives. Bringing a little?green indoors can make the world of difference to our home spaces, giving it?life. A simple palm in a beautiful pot can transform a dull space into a warm and?inviting area of our home. No longer ringing true, blue and green should definitely?be seen, and seeing it we are.?These hues blend perfectly to add a little tropical fever to your space, whether?it?s a cushion on a chair or a green plant in your bathroom, a new art print in the?lounge room or a throw rug on your bed.


The colour green connects us?with nature, harnessing feelings?of renewal, freshness and?harmony.


Indoor plants give life to dull?spaces and have been proven to?lift moods and reduce stress.

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