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The Workouts That Promise To Keep Your Mind And Body Strong

Our Mental Health is so important, and more often than not being active physically helps us be strong and happy mentally as well.

Feeling great after working out is partially due to the endorphins released by physical exertion but also by a sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from doing something which isn’t easy!

Here are 3 workouts which are bound to get you feelings great and smiling all the way home.

Anything outside!

Going for a walk, jog, run, cycle, kick about – just about anything outside will be beneficial to your mental health. The hit of Vit D from the sun, the movement and freedom of open spaces, a cool breeze on your face, all of these are so good for our head space we should do them more often! Now add into that family or friends and you have a winner.

Your Chance – Grab a partner and try cycling or running (walk/jog) 2-5km first thing in the morning – grab a coffee after and take a moment to relax before you start your day!

A strength session at home or at the gym

Strength training is a powerful tool to improve mental wellbeing – being able to complete 30-45mins of resistance training will make you feel fantastic…guaranteed! Are you still training at home? Our Home Fitness Network workouts use bodyweight or anything you can hold, from water bottles or a backpack, to d/bells or K/bells, if you have it we can use it to bring an extra 10% to your at home workouts!

Your Chance – Work through these exercises completing 10 Repetitions of each, while holding water bottles (or hand weights) before moving on to the next. Rest at the end for 60s and then repeat the workout 5 times.

  1. Squats
  2. Walking Lunges
  3. Bent over row
  4. Push Ups (don’t hold the bottles for these)
  5. Bicep Curls
  6. Tricep Dips (use some furniture)
  7. Laying Leg raises (you can hold the water bottles with arms straight above your chest)

Yoga or Meditation (breathing exercises)

Taking a moment of mindfulness will improve your day, and sometimes the body needs to be rested so that you can focus on healing your mind. Yoga is a fantastic way to do this through a professional practitioner and one of our most popular sessions both in club and online. 

If you are unable to make it to a yoga flow then simply try some foam rolling, stretching and breathing at home.

Your Chance – Set out a mat in a quiet empty space in your room, find a nice comfy stretch and sit into it for at least 30sec minimum for each muscle. Your breathing is key here so rather than using a timer, focus on breathing in for 4s and out for 4s as you lower into each muscle. Repeat this breath cycle 5 – 8 times for each stretch. As you gain more control and are relaxed you should aim to increase the time of your breaths in and out to 5s and then 6 seconds.

Are you focused on mental wellbeing – why not ask a friend how they are doing and get moving together?

Sam Merza – National Fitness Manager at Genesis Health and Fitness