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The workout routine that’ll make you feel like the best version of yourself

With summer here, it’s safe to say that we’re all wanting to feel like the best version of ourselves, and ensure we feel confident when we slip into our swimsuits for the first time. To achieve confidence and feel like you’re in the best shape mentally and physically it’s important that you’re doing the right exercises for the best results. Let’s face it, there’s no point wasting a workout and not getting the most out of it, especially if you’re time poor. High-intensity interval training, better known as, HIIT is the best way to get fit, feel good and look good.

If you’re someone who misses those nights out where you danced the night away, then your next girls catch up should involve ZADI Fitness. ZADI fitness is a unique girl-only gym with a nightclub vibe that’ll help release your inner Beyonce. The trainers will be able to direct you on the moves that are safe for you when pregnant, but you will have the chance to still stay active, enjoy the music, the vibe, release some endorphins and spend some time with the girls. We spoke to the  founder of ZADI Fitness, Adala Bolto about what the best movements are for women. 

  1. The Squat
  2. The Deadlift
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. The Push Up
  5. The Plank

THE SQUAT: This exercise is a complete full body exercise that primarily uses the Quadriceps (thighs), Hips, Glutes and even the Hamstrings.

The squat again can also be performed in a variety of ways, but to explain the basic and simple squat, the barbell will sit predominantly on the “cushion” part of the upper shoulders/back of the individual and with feet hip width apart, a slight angle of the feet directing towards more outwards than inwards, hinging at the hips, keeping the chest proud, elbows under and pressed to support the barbell on the individual rather than being pulled down to be felt heavier, the knees will bend, the hips/glutes on the individual will make level parallel with the knees from there a drive through the heels, the quadriceps activated, knees slightly pushed out to activate all the leg muscles, abs braced from the bottom of the squat and all the way up and using a big exhale to drive up until hips are completely open and the individual is stood tall.

Take note to also keep the knees soft at the very end of the squat being completely performed. This can also be done with no weights.

THE DEADLIFT: The meaning behind the deadlift is to basically lift dead weight off the ground. The deadlift uses not only your grip and forearm strength but also the glutes, hamstrings, core & torso, lower back muscles, quadriceps, upper back and arm muscles.

To perform the deadlift, firstly have feet hip width apart, from there the barbell or dumbbells will be gripped, starting firstly in an upright position with barbell close to the quadriceps, shoulders squeezed and locked back, chest proud, hinging at the hips, the barbell/dumbbells will glide their way down the front of the quadriceps (essentially shaving the hair of the legs as most females will be able to relate) to where either the flexibility of not only the hamstrings but shoulders of the individual will allow or either before the weights of the deadlift will stop the individuals path. In the eccentric phase of the deadlift the individual will remain that straight neutral spine as well as shoulders locked in, chest proud, a drive through the heels and squeezing those glutes into action to take away too much work being taken over by the lower back muscles.

BENT OVER ROW: This exercise is so compound yet also so functional. It is a free weight exercise that does specifically target the middle back muscles but then also does engage the muscles of the biceps, forearms, lats, lower back and shoulders. This is a great move for anyone looking to build that strong upper and toned back then to also be able perform un-assisted chin-ups/pullups.

How to perform the wide-grip bent over row for example with a barbell would be in a bent over position (hinging at the hips) upper body does come over in a slightly more than straight angle (in bent over position) whilst your glutes and lower body slightly hinge backwards to counteract the weight between the upper and lower body. From there with your grip on the barbell the individual will row the barbell to direction in line with the ribs and elbows with follow in track going in a straight direction backwards. When letting the barbell come away from the ribs you do want to make sure that the shoulders/upper back to stay locked into position and don’t fall out of pocket by allowing the shoulders to drop towards the floor and creating roundness in the upper back.

THE PUSH UP: This is a great exercise to build that upper body strength in the chest, shoulders, triceps and deltoids. The benefits of this exercise go further than just that upper body strength, it also does benefit the serratus anterior and midsection as a complete whole! To help with this exercise to make it perfect, would be any push movement from Barbell/dumbbell bench press, etc.

The push up can be performed in many variations and some of those ways can be very wrong. With hands placed in direction with the shoulders, for even just the normal pushes elbows don’t point straight out to the side or even straight back gliding the body (unless performing a triceps push up) the elbows actually direct on a 45-degree angle between the two angels mentioned above. From there the body remains rigid and straight when you are performing the push up either on the knees or toes thus also making sure the chest does contact the ground.

THE PLANK: AKA a bridge, core hold, hover or front hold, is an exercise strengthening the core of every individual. It can be performed on the elbows or on hands just the same as a push up position. The plank engages your core from abdominals to obliques, your shoulders, your glutes, your quadriceps. You engage more muscles than you may believe as everything switches on to maintain a tight and perfect plank, but obviously the main objective muscle would be all of your core.

A simple way to explain how to perform a plank is for the individual to start firstly with elbows directly under shoulders, feet not too wide but just in line with the hips of the individual, glutes engaged, pelvis tucked in and under, relaxation between the upper shoulder blades/muscles and as every breath is taken in the individual is to draw their belly button up and towards their spine by squeezing their abdominals.

These 5 moves are all, compound… There are multiple progressions and regressions for ALL exercises. Each major movement will help the toning, building strength and stamina, functional movements, core strength of each individual.

ZADI Training offers Female-Specific HIIT  / Strength programs endorsed by exercise science coupled with bespoke  tech to track and guide effort for fast and personalised results.

ZADI is the first ‘franchise’ network to offer female specific HIIT and strength  combination programs – endorsed by exercise science, innovative technology, smaller trainer/ participant ratios and an environment which promotes targeted fitness.

ZADI have partnered with TechnoGym to offer bespoke technology to features include: built-in female-targeted weight options, video display and personalised experiences for each member.

They have teamed up with industry favourite Exercise Scientist, Damien Kelly to design a workout system specifically for women.

ZADI uses the most effective metabolic circuit training methods, designed exclusively for women. From equipment selection, the latest innovative technology, to the nightclub studio atmosphere – ZADI is designed  to ‘unleash’ the extraordinary in women!