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The Top Ingredients This Nutritionist Always Has In The Pantry

The Top Ingredients In The Pantry | Northern Beaches Mums

Eating healthy and fuelling your body doesn’t have to be difficult, the key is to keep your fridge and pantry stocked with nutrient dense foods, that can easily be added to meals to enhance their health benefits.

I will be honest with you, I am a nutritionist, I love healthy, fresh food, but I am also pretty lazy, I don’t love spending hours in the kitchen prepping or the clean up after, nor do I have the time, so I am always looking for the simplest way to get the most out of my food, whilst saving time.

 I keep the following stocked in my kitchen as an insurance policy, to make sure I am always getting the nutrients I need, regardless of the time, or motivation I have to prepare meals.

These are all great things that can be added at the end of preparing my meals to really super charge the nutrition I am putting in my and my family’s bodies.

  • Sprouts: There are so many different types available and they are perfect to keep in the fridge and add to salads, sandwich’s, omelettes or even as a snack. Sprouts are a nutrient dense superfood. Rich in all the essential nutrients needed for healthy energy, mood, hormones, digestion and skin health. Containing high amounts of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, B Vitamins, Iron & Vitamin K, they are like a little insurance policy for keeping your nutrient levels up throughout the day.

I love the range from the brand Aussie Sprouts. They are Australian owned and grown and that means I know that they are going to be fresh and high quality (bonus, supporting Aussie owned!)

  • Crunchy Combo: This one has a few different types of sprouts including mung bean, lentils and chickpeas. I love eating these straight out of the pack to satisfy those crunchy savoury cravings, but they also go perfectly on salads, garnishes on soup, avocado on toast or really any meal that could do with some extra crunch
    • Bean sprouts: These are perfect mixed through soups, they soak up the flavour, and have a lovely texture. They make a great alternative to noodles too. They are also delicious in salads, sandwich’s and stir-fry’s.
    • Alfalfa sprouts: Probably the most classic and well known of the sprouts, these are perfect mixed through guacamole, hummus and other dips, and also go great on salads and sandwiches
    • Pea shoots: These are one of my favourites, and I actually just love snacking on them on their own. They are super refreshing and light and are ideal for salads and sandwiches.
  • Hemp seeds: I always have these in my pantry. Hemp seeds are another nutritious super food. They are the perfect source of protein and fat to help keep blood sugar stable and insulin happy therefore aiding in weight loss. They are also rich in magnesium, zinc and have a high amount of anti-inflammatory healthy fats. Bonus, you can literally sprinkle them on everything, as they have a very mild taste
  • Chia seeds: Similar benefits to hemp seeds, these guys are great to add to smoothies, oats, and to make healthy chia pudding snacks out of. They are even great just to add to your water to help support healthy digestion.

Michaela Sparrow, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Anti-Ageing Practitioner @thelongevityremedy