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The top five benefits of early childhood dance classes

Everyone knows that children love to dance! Grooving along at home or twirling around with Emma Wiggle, it?s often hard to keep little ones still for too long.

Here are our top 5 benefits of dance classes for children you might not already know.

1.? Fitness

All those pirouettes, arabesques and leaps can seriously tire you out! Dance classes use a lot of energy and you can be sure your little one will leave having had a good workout.

2. Coordination, posture and balance

Developing coordination, good posture and balance are vital for young children. Dancing teaches children these complex skills in a fun way that they can also comprehend themselves, and helps to prevent physical problems around poor posture later in life.

3. Friendships

Dancing together in a friendly and nurturing environment is a great way for children to socialise. Sharing the fairy wands with their friends and partner dancing are all great ways for children to interact and make little ballet buddies.

4. Confidence

The number one benefit our families report is the improvement in their child?s confidence and independence. Dance classes provide children a creative and emotional outlet? for expression, which helps to develop their self-confidence, one plie at a time!

5.? Imagination

Well-run early childhood dance classes surround narratives and are a feast for your imagination. Whether it be a day at the beach, on a safari, or dancing with Elsa, dance classes and imagination go hand in hand.

But remember not all dance classes are created the same, so be sure to check out the school, the teacher?s qualifications and the curriculum. Don?t be scared to ask teacher?s: what are your qualifications? Do you have a first aid certificate and current Working with Children Checks.?


Seaforth Dance Academy is a ballet school with a difference, we have a focus on inspiring creativity in children under 10 and developing their confidence to be their brightest self. With age appropriate classes and a nurturing atmosphere, we develop beautiful dance technique, whilst still in a family friendly and caring context.

If you?re interested in twirling with our school, we are offering all children two weeks of free tuition when you enrol for Term 3. Email for more information.