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The Top 5 Secrets of Caring for Yourself (Without a Side of Mummy Guilt)

We get told on a daily basis to ?love yourself? by Instagram and Facebook posts. But sometimes it doesn?t feel that easy, especially when you don?t know where to start.

Loving yourself tends to look different to most people. To some people, it might mean getting 5 minutes to yourself or to other?s they might need 1 hour a day of self-care. The days when you have the most stress are the days when you usually need the most self-care.

Caring for yourself shouldn?t be an afterthought; or something you do when you have already burnt yourself out. It is something that you should be doing on a daily basis. 

If you?re a mum and putting your children?s needs above your own, this needs to STOP now. You are doing your child and yourself an injustice by not showing them how to take care of themselves, by neglecting yourself. Lead by example, take time out for yourself. 

Take a moment and imagine your little boy or girl becoming a parent and them neglecting their own self-care and self-love. What would you say to them? 

When you think about this, it is a very powerful question that you might not like the answer to. 

Now that you understand the importance of self-care – here are my 5 top secrets for caring for yourself (without a side of mummy guilt). 

The first time you take time out for yourself will more than likely create some chaos in your household. HANG IN THERE, I promise you that it will get easier every time you take time for yourself. They will not know what is happening and it can make them uneasy not know what to do without you (for the first time). Even if you don?t have a partner or they are away , it is something that is going to take time for your children to get used to. PLEASE don?t give up after your first, second or third attempt to take time out for yourself. Each time will get easier on all of you I promise. It?s just going to take some time to adjust to the change. 

Schedule in me time and give your partner time out too (sharing is caring). As women, we always schedule everything else in our lives, from soccer practice to ballet. We are usually scheduled in within an inch of our life. Even if its 20 mins make sure the rest of the house knows that this is your time and yours alone. It might feel at times like the world will fall apart if you take that bath or go and read a book, but it wont. Remember, it may take your household time to adjust, keep at it. 

Make a self-care list of things you LOVE. This step is super important because if you don?t LOVE everything on your list you won?t do them. Make sure it’s something you love doing and create a love affair with self-care. Think about it, daydream about wanting to do those things. I have started a new-found love affair with my bathtub and I can hear it calling my name when I?m getting stressed out. 

Never finish the list of self-care items. Keep a running list for the rest of your life. If you have found something new that you love to do, be sure to put it on the list. If you don?t like doing that thing any more then take it off the list. But never finish it. Make sure there are small quick things and longer items on your list

Have fun. If you?re not having fun and feeling amazing then you?re not doing it right. And remember every day is a new day, start it fresh and don?t punish yourself for what happened yesterday. Let it go and move on. 

That?s it. I kept it short and sweet so you can read at the playground or on the toilet. I hope this post has helped you overcome your mummy guilt and move into a place of love,fun and happiness. You can enjoy your life with some much needed self-care. Because that?s what life is all about. 

Angela Jade is a Self-Love Coach and Meditation Teacher. She helps everyday people to make small changes where it counts, to discover the love they need for themselves, to teach you how to live your best life with meditation and mindfulness and it?s not as woo woo as you might think.