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The ONE exciting ingredient from the veggie aisle that will remain affordable

There is no doubt that the cost of living in Australia right now is getting out of control. You would be hard pressed to find lettuce for less than $10, if you can find it at all and that has been a staple for most Australian families for decades!

However if you are missing out on your salad greens, there is one humble ingredient that will be remaining affordable, and that is the humble sprout.  

“We’re able to remain at a super affordable price point because our sprouts are locally grown” says Peter Duncan, the GM of Aussie Sprouts.

“Thankfully, our growing conditions have been unaffected by the extreme weather and climate issues that have caused the spike in lettuce prices and prices across the fresh-cuts category. Another important factor is our distribution which has also remained unchanged and unaffected.”

So why do we love sprouts?

Sprouts are possibly the worlds most affordable superfood. They are delicious, affordable, come in a variety of styles from alfalfa sprouts, to crunchy sprouts made of mung beans, to broccoli sprouts and more! They have so many nutritional benefits and they are very versatile. They work on sandwiches, salads and even soups. So if you are looking to add greens into your diet, look no further than the incredible Aussie Sprouts selection.

Aside from sprouts, here are our top tips for purchasing affordable veggies

  1. Shop local. It is often cheaper to shop local as freight costs won’t be factored into the retail cost
  2. Buy in season. In season ingredients are a lot easier to source locally. You also need to consider if that ingredient has been affected by the floods it may have been wiped out and therefore won’t be as readily available that year even if it is traditionally in season
  3. Utilise rewards points. If you shop at Woolies, Coles or an independent supermarket, odds are they will have FlyBuys or Everyday Rewards. Utilise your rewards to get points, discounts and complimentary items
  4. Shop around, if you have the time, try to find the best price. Signing up to the newsletters of the places local to you can be a good way to see when there is a sale happening

If you get into the habit of utilising these tips, you should be able to save some pennies.