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The Natural Beauty Brands That Actually Live Up To The Internet Hype

When it comes to beauty brands, we’re spoilt for choice, but how do you decide which brands actually live up to the internet hype? As we become more educated about the types of ingredients used in many of our beauty products, there is a growing demand for natural, clean beauty products. After all, you only get one skin for this lifetime, so it’s important to pay attention to what you’re putting on your face.

Not all brands are created equal, so we’ve done the research for you and here are our natural beauty brands we believe live up to the hype.

Emma Lewisham 72-hour moisturiser (RRP $135)

The results are in and the Emma Lewisham supernatural 72-hour moisturiser and the reviews speak for themselves. Perfect for dehydrated skin, fine lines and mature skin, the all-natural ingredients, this product was independently tested on actual people – not animals.

A whopping 94% of participants found the moisturiser provided skin hydration. 86% found the texture of their skin improved and 82% felt that their skin radiantly glowed after using the product for only six weeks. The Emma Lewisham package is sustainable and refillable to reduce your carbon footprint.

What people are saying Emma Lewisham: “5-stars! Sensational. This is my ‘ride or die’ creme. (August 2021).”

Hey Bud Gel Cleanser (RRP$32.99)

You have to see the results of Hey Bud products to believe them. A relatively newcomer to the clean beauty industry, their clay mask is described as the Holy Grail of beauty products. With more than  2,000 5-star reviews, Hey Bud is back with a hemp gel cleanser and we are in love! Using Grapefruit extract to stimulate collagen production, hemp seed oil to cleanse and green tea to heal and restore, our gel cleanser gently removes stubborn makeup, dirt and excess oil. Your skin will look and brighter and toned.

What people are saying about Hey Bud: “I‘d almost given up looking for products that will work on my skin until I tried these products.”

We couldn’t include a list of the best natural beauty brands that live up to the internet hype if we didn’t also include the Hey Bud Hyaluronic Acid & Hemp Serum

Hey Bud Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum (RRP$44.95)

If you suffer from skin irritation and also want to reduce signs of premature ageing, dry flaky skin, Hey Bud’s new hemp serum is a powerhouse. The infused cucumber naturally calms and soothes and Betaine hydrates and moisturises.

What people are saying about Hey Bud Hyaluronic acid + Hemp Serum: “I have suffered from problem skin since my teenage years, along time ago now!  and continue to suffer, I’m now mid-fifties. These products are beautiful to use and smell divine.”

Weleda Skin Food (RRP $16.95)

If a natural beauty product was going to have its own cult, this would be it. Weleda Skin Food has been a natural formula for rough and dry skin since 1926! The nourishing cream is a beautiful blend of beeswax, plant oils and lanolin infused with the skin-soothing chamomile, calendula and pansy. The low price point makes this intensive moisturiser exceptionally affordable given the results are great if not better than some of the more expensive designer brands of moisturisers.

What people are saying Weleda: “ I used a small amount of Skin Food on my irritated patches overnight. The next morning I couldn’t believe the difference! Flakiness was gone, redness reduced, and overall irritation disappeared. This product is a lifesaver!”