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Northern Beaches Mums Group

The Life Enhancement Project

I just wanted you to know that we see you. We see you homeschooling two kids while your toddler gets in to your make up then climbs on to the couch for a nap. We see you juggling online school logins with making the sudden switch to working from home and online. We see your anxiety about your family’s health, and that you’re busting yourself to make sure everyone is okay…

We are mums too. And right now, we see a few issues, with long-term effects that we are frightened about.

We are worried about what the long term adverse health affects are going to be from the constant anxiety, stress, inactivity, and social isolation. We are worried about your bone density, your mental health, your resilience.

We are seeing people lose their jobs, or have their shifts cut down. We’ve seen the ONE thing that you do for yourself being taken away – whether that’s getting your nails done, going to the gym, pilates, coffee with the school mums, or lunch with your friends.

And we have decided to do something about it. The Life Enhancement Project has been designed to:
1) Be affordable, in fact it’s less than gym membership, and FREE until 14th April.
2) Keep you in an exercise habit – vital for a healthy immune, disease prevention, mental health, maintain bone density, cognitive health, and resilience
3) Connect socially and safely – we are not just there for “workouts”, we will be there for you to talk to, ask questions, and most importantly LAUGH with!
4) Address all aspects of your health, including self-esteem, anxiety, nutrition, and MORE. It includes 1hr a week LIVE with a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Reiki Therapist, Stylist, or Strength and Conditioning Coach!

Check it out here:

Whether or not you make this your ONE thing you do for yourself each week, or something else, make sure you take affirmative action to maintain your health. Being socially isolated is detrimental to you mentally, emotionally, and has also been shown to decrease your immune’s effectiveness – you MUST reach out! Being inactive has similar health consequences for your cognitive fitness, physical fitness, and immune responsiveness. There are great health programs from many local businesses available to help you through this time, and we encourage you to take one of them up!

In the meantime, if you have any health or fitness questions, please feel free to contact us (for free obviously) or book a free Virtual session at

x Clare from IntoYou