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The hottest workouts to try as we go into 2023

The new year is almost upon us and with that comes the opportunity to shake things up a bit. Perhaps you are a “resolutions” person, or perhaps you just like things to be fresh for a new beginning. Whatever your motivation, here are some of the hottest workouts on the Northern Beaches right now that are loads of fun and worth a try.


BFT is launching in the Northern Beaches in a big way. They have launched two sites, one in Manly and the other in Freshwater with more locations to follow. It is the group training workout that is taking the world by storm, as their over 50, 000 current members worldwide can attest.
Founded by Cameron Falloon who was a strength and conditioning coach for a number of elite international soccer teams and local AFL teams, BFT follows a science-backed formula over 8-week progressive blocks. Throughout the 8 weeks you will cycle through 13 workout styles, each time you do the same workout style there will be a small progression to ensure that you are improving each week. After 8 weeks, the workouts all change to keep your body guessing and avoid the chance of burn out or over-use injuries. 

While the workout is great, the community is also an element that keeps people coming back. It’s a great environment to spend 50 minutes of your day in and one worth checking out. 

Xtend Barre

There is no doubt that barre is one of those workouts that just tones you in all the right places. 

Inspired by the exercises that ballet dancers do at “the barre” to strengthen up their muscles and joints before they dance, Xtend Barre offers the ultimate full-body workout that combines the science of Pilates with the energy of dance to create a dynamic and safe workout. The workout taps into cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility making it the perfect balanced workout and with the beats and a bit of choreography, the time flys by.

Expect to discover some muscles you didn’t even know you had!


Vitruvian is one of the most intelligent machines to enter into the connected fitness world. It brings you a complete resistance workout in the comfort of your home, office, or even your yacht.

The machine is a slimline carbon fibre platform with two cables on each side that can provide resistance of up to 200kg. It allows the users to perform hundreds of exercises by attaching a squat bar, ropes, grips, or even ankle straps.

Using revolutionary AI technology, this virtual personal trainer adjusts the weight to individual users in real-time, loading and de-loading the optimal resistance without the need for a spotter. The result? An effective, time-savvy workout that can easily fit into your lifestyle. 

The patented technology includes the Vitruvian app which gives users access to 200+ exercises, classes curated by elite fitness coaches, goal-oriented programs, data tracking and performance insights. 

Vitruvian recently won an award for innovation with AFR Boss.

Fluid running 

One of the hottest new trends to enter the conversation is Fluid Running which is a concept that was founded by marathon runner Jennifer Conroyd as an alternative to land-based running. Jennifer had completed 16 marathons but needed a no-impact running solution after sustaining an injury. She found the answer in deep water running and created a successful workout system that now also includes shallow water workouts.

Fluid Running is a complete program with accessories that makes it easier than ever to do this workout. The workout, which is delivered on-demand via their app is a full body cardiovascular workout utilising the power of water. Workouts combine moderate aerobic running sets with high-intensity intervals and sprints along with several other movements to challenge different muscle groups. Workouts vary in time.