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The benefits of working out with your friends

Working out is essential for your overall health, wellbeing and mindset however when you work out in a group environment or with your friends it can actually be even more beneficial. Of course, some people prefer to go into their personal zone of working out and enjoy the time to themselves however if you are looking to work out more with your friends or in a group setting here are some reasons why you should.


Working out in a group setting can be a great way to boost the energy of your workout! Feeding off other people’s good energy and positive vibes can absolutely be infectiously enabling the entire group to match each other’s state and work together to achieve an overall fitness goal.


Group workouts or working out with your friends can be a great way to catch up with people that you might not normally have the time to do. If you struggle to find time to work out and socialise, then working out with your friends is a great way to do both. Allowing yourself time either before or after the workout to grab a coffee can make it the perfect morning/afternoon for fitness and friends.


Sometimes working out alone can actually limit the amount and types of exercises you are able to accomplish. Group workouts or working out with your friends can offer an abundance of partnered exercises such as sit up passes and overhead passes.

Give back!

Working out with your friends might not be something you do often however a great way to start is to attend workout events such as Who run the world, Girls! ZADI Outdoor Workout. This outdoor workout is a 40-minute signature workout led by ZADI’s fitness team to raise money for White Ribbon. This fun, energetic workout will leave you feeling fit and glad to give back!


Saturday 19th of March 2022, 9:00 am – 11:30 am. Centennial Park at the Church Grounds (Grovett Street Gates off Darley Road)