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Smart home gadgets you should have in 2019

Smart home gadgets were invented to make our lives easier, and that?s exactly what they do. We can now program most devices around the house. From the lock on your door, to the lamp in your bedroom, there?s even a security device which will notify you if you don?t recognise the person your child?s come home with. Here?s our quick guide to the must-have smart home gadgets you should have in your home in 2019.

Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug

If you have devices in your home that can?t be controlled remotely but you desperately one them to be, then this is for you. This smart plug is a cheap and easy way to turn a device smart. All you need to do is plug the device into it, then the smart plug into your wall socket, and then connect it to your home wi-fi through an iOS or Android app. The you use the app to control it remotely or schedule when you want it turned on or off. And, in even better news, if you want to make lights, fans, or other appliances voice controlled, it?s compatible with any popular smart home assistants.

Smart window coverings

If you?re worried about the dangers of blind cords, or the energy that can be wasted trying to cool a heated house, then smart blinds or window awnings may just be right for you. Smart blinds can be connected wirelessly to your phone, tablet, or home automation system so you can control when they?re up or down, regardless of where you are. This can help to reduce energy consumption, set the perfect ambience for your mood or activity, and most importantly, the cordless feature is a safer option to have with young children around.

Smart security camera

Perhaps the house is left unattended for long periods of time, or your kids are at an age where they can be home alone. Whatever your reasons, if you?re looking to install a security system in your home a smart one is the way to go. Most are easy to set up and connect to your mobile app or online service so you can log in and check remotely any time you?re away. You can even find ones with image detection features to recognise human beings. As with everything, the capabilities grow with the price tag, but even the most basic would be able to alert you if it doesn?t recognise the friend your child?s come home with.

Phillips Hue Lights?

If you?re sick of constantly getting up to switch the lights on or off, it may be time to invest in the Phillips Hue lighting system. They offer a starter kit which includes two bulbs and a hub so you can connect them to your other smart devices ? it has the capability to connect 50 bulbs. This will enable you to switch them on or off, or dim to a brightness that suits your current activity. If you want to something a little fancier, you can buy bulbs which will change colour so you can really set the mood. There?s even an app which enable you to sync them with any music or video you have on your computer, so you can set the lights in time with what you?re playing.