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Short online courses use evidence to educate wellness obsessed Aussies on health facts

As the nation prepares for a potential lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis, now is a perfect time, while staying in, to educate yourself and tackle some online courses.

The fitness industry’s leading education provider, FIAFitnation, has launched a series of short online courses tackling some of the biggest health issues and interests in Australia, including obesity, diet trends, gut health and an Australian-first online course dedicated to food and the environment in response to increased interest in climate change, veganism and plant-based living.

The five new snack-sized courses are aimed at helping health practitioners bring their knowledge up-to-date with the latest research, as well as providing an avenue for everyday Australians to sort fact from fiction when it comes to their own health.

The new courses include:

  • Gut microbiome ? With recent research revealing the vital link between gut health and overall health, this short course explores emerging research and increased public interest in the area of gut health. As well as learning about how the gut affects mental and physical health and how to manage a healthy microbiome, the course delves into the booming gut health industry and the role probiotics and fermented drinks play in gut health.   
  • Food and the environment ? This Australian-first online course exclusively focuses on food and the environment and is designed for those wanting to know more about veganism, plant-based living and the how the food chain affects climate change. It explores future directions in nutrition including new protein sources such as lab grown meat and insects, how a more sustainable diet is consistent with healthy eating patterns and is the cornerstone of good health, and how the production and consumption of food is connected to the environment at every stage. The course will also answer pointy questions about food sustainability such as which milk is better for the environment (hint: it may not be almond), how to reduce the chemical load on our bodies, how to reduce waste and when it?s worth it to go organic.
  • The obesity epidemic ? With more than two-thirds of Australians now considered overweight or obese, this short course provides insight into the obesity epidemic currently gripping Australia and the world. It?s a deep dive into the latest facts and figures and the main factors causing rising obesity rates.
  • The science of weight loss ? Sorting fact from fiction, this short course focuses on the science of weight loss to dispel the unhealthy myths about diet trends and use education to end the dangerous practice of yo-yo dieting that has become increasingly prevalent in society. This course looks at the evidence behind the Australian Dietary Guidelines and how to use knowledge to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.
  • Evidence-Based Nutrition ? This three-part course is all about cutting through the noise to learn about genuine nutrition information. Using evidence to finally answer nagging questions about whether nuts are fattening, how many eggs are ok, is butter really better than margarine and is all the hype around paleo and keto diets warranted? Modules explore emerging nutrition research, the nutritional aspect of different diets, how best to support healthy eating patterns and understand food marketing hype to make informed choices about food.

While these courses provide credit for further nutrition or fitness study, they have also been designed to be affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to become more knowledgeable about their own health, said FIAFitnation Nutritionist Sophie Scott, who designed the courses.

?These courses are accessible and informative and are a perfect distraction during social distancing / self isolation, combining the latest research and guidelines into snack-sized online modules that address the big health issues affecting Australians today,? Ms Scott said.

?There?s a lot of information floating around about dieting, gut health, food sustainability, obesity and what to eat for good health ? and it?s not all accurate or up-to-date. With these courses, we?re using science and evidence to educate people so they can cut through the noise and make informed choices about their health. We hope to see nutritionists and personal trainers use these courses to upskill and better service their clients but we also hope to see the likes of influencers and parents take advantage of the opportunity to get the facts straight on health and wellness so they can live their best life and educate their friends, family and followers to do the same.?

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