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Sell your junk and save for that home deposit

Don’t we all have too much stuff that we don’t use hidden away in our cupboards? Maybe it’s the gaming console you bought because it was the buzz or that camping equipment you used precisely once, or the bicycle that you don’t ride anymore. There is a perfect solution to help you with the junk that’s been gathering dust over the years.

We believe one person’s junk is someone else’s treasure!

Put all your junk to good use, which will help plan for the crucial things in life.

You might be wondering, how?

By selling these old things!

Benefits of selling your junk

The benefits of selling your junk are three-fold. You can generate some extra cash for something you always wanted, and you get to declutter the house and garage while caring for the environment.

We all have so much stuff that we discard before using it to its fullest potential; this not only adds to the landfill but also increases our carbon footprint. You will be doing the environment a favour.

Looking for an easy way to get some cash? Selling your junk is always the best idea. You can use this income for something you really want or need, like saving up for that house you always wanted to buy.

Buying a house is a dream for everyone. With the real-estate prices soaring so high, we are sure the extra cash will help you get closer to locking down that dream house you’ve been eyeing.

When you sell your stuff, you will also be able to identify the trends of your buying habits. For instance, if you keep buying that outdoor gear that you hardly ever use, the next time you are at the store, you’ll know that the new tent is going to gather dust too.

Who would have thought selling the stuff lying around the house would have so many benefits?

How to sell your junk?

Wondering how to start selling the stuff that’s been piling up?

There are so many ways that you can sell. If you have luxury items, you could always set up a stall at your local market. Selling expensive things like old cars and electronics to your local second-hand retailer is always a great idea. If you just have the basic day-to-day lying around, a good old yard sale is always an option.

However, the most accessible place to sell you clutter is online. There are numerous online websites that let sell items. Whether it’s the fancy, quirky items or expensive cars, or even small things like kids’ toys, you can sell anything online.

If you are looking for a local online marketplace for Sydney’s Northern Suburbs and Northern Beaches, then SELL BUY SWAP FREE is your best friend. The website connects buyers and sellers in the community and provides opportunities for small businesses to list their services as well. They also have two Facebook Groups where you can also list your items for sale and reach people online in the area.

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Selling your old junk online is an effortless way to make quick money to save for that home deposit. You’ll never know the value of the old power tool or the unused jackets and clothes that are currently lying around the house.