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Self Care For Relationships: How To Spark Connection

Scan your newsfeed these days and you’ll find a million different suggestions for soul searching self-care, from time out and pampering to meditation and therapy. But there’s another area of our busy day to day lives that also requires some TLC and it doesn’t get quite as much attention. With this in mind…

We’re Not Really Strangers

…and the proof is in this viral conversation starter card game that’s taken the US by storm. Founded by Koreen Odiney the questions have earned the reputation of seeding beautiful moments between acquaintances with questions like “what title would you give this chapter of your sex life?” and “what are you holding on to that’s no longer holding on to you?”

Each boxed set – Original, Self Love, Healing, Dating, Relationships – comes with the quirky warning that feelings may arise – and the couples edition is available online for USD $20.


…hear me out here, because yes video games are typically aimed at the males in our lives and framed as the nemesis of every girlfriend, mother and wife – but play the game(s) right and there’s actually an opportunity for real connection. 

A quick check-in with my gaming savvy friends reveals that this particular game “Overcooked” is a recipe for great bonding between couples, and as someone who found playing Wii Tennis to be the equivalent of couples counselling I highly recommend you pick up a console and give couples gaming time ago. 

Get ready to work as a team cooking up tasty food for your customers before they get twitchy and leave your establishment. In the words of my go-to gaming consultant, “it’s a fun way to work out if the relationship can handle a bit of heat in the kitchen.”

FoodSt And The Feildels

…speaking of tasty food – although Freedom Day is upon us and Sydney is now open again you’ve probably realised that you’re about to wait a little bit longer for a seat at a proper restaurant table. Unless you were super savvy and made your booking nice and early you’re away off from enjoying someone else doing the hard work preparing and serving amazing food for you.

Enter FoodSt, the Sydney based home-cooked food delivery service that just announced an impressive collab with everyone’s favourite TV chef Manu Feildel, and his powerhouse wife and co-author Clarissa. Order Clarissa’s Malaysian Beef Rendang and Manu’s Moroccan Style Chicken Tajine meals today and enjoy a date night of exquisite food for two – without having to lift a finger.

If you love the sound of a date night across continents in the comfort of your own home use code SELFCARE to get 10% off your order at