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Review: Six the Musical

Credit: Claudio Raschella

If you are looking for something different and fun to do, why not go and see Six the Musical? Northern Beaches Mums Hannah got the opportunity to see it and here is her raving review…

A historical pop concert.

Six is delivered like an energetic, Spice-Girls-esque pop concert, complete with an all-female live band. Instead of a traditional storyline, the six wives of Henry VIII are recast as pop princesses in a questionably formed girl band linked by six tragic storylines and their beloved ex-husband King Henry VIII. 

After a great opening number, the girl band ask the audience to help them decide who should be the lead singer of their all-girl group.

The songs are catchy, fun, and exciting, and they are genuinely great pop songs. The singing performances from the actresses were amazing, and all of them were technically very skilled. They sounded fantastic as a group but then each of them sang solos telling their stories and the crowd went wild at each of their performances. 

You are sure to laugh throughout the show as there are so many funny lines!

The show is a viral hit with the musical theatre’s fanbase – it’s the second-most streamed cast album in the world – and in Sydney it is at The Theatre Royal.

The show is recommended for ages 10 and up. I originally took my daughter when it first came to Sydney years ago who was around 10 and she loved it. If you have teenagers, they are going to enjoy this show even if they are having to hang out with mum and dad. I’m in my 50s and hooked. I’d go and see this show again as it is so much FUN.

Running time is one hour and 40 minutes long. There’s no interval, so get your drinks before you go in but don’t lose your head! 

Divorced Beheaded Live

Six The Musical runs at the Sydney Theatre Royal until 1st of October, 2022. Get tickets here.

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