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Review: Joonya Worry-Free Nappies

Northern Beaches Mum Nikki recently tried out the Joonya Worry-Free Nappies and was so happy with them that she sent us this glowing review

As parents, we always want the best for our babies. We child-proof our home, change our lifestyle and take all the precautions to ensure that our little ones are healthy, happy and looked after. When it comes to the items our babies use constantly, why should we compromise on the things that matter? Nappies are something that is an everyday essential in the life of a parent of infants and it is also something that research has shown an alarming level of toxicity and allergens in the brands that have found their way into our homes without us even questioning. What is the solution here? A company like Joonya has realised the need for safety and information in something as important as nappies, so they have provided their answer to this problem.

Joonya Worry-Free Nappies are premium, non-toxic and environmentally nappy brand. They are providing parents with a safer solution, to help prevent your little ones being exposed to the toxicity and allergens found in other nappy brands. They offer an open, honest and research backed discussion over what not only do we expose our baby?s skin too, but also the waste we create with the use of nappies. 

When it comes to my daughter, I know that I am always looking for the best way to make sure not only happy and comfortable, but I make a conscious effort to make sure they are healthy too, which is why I like Joonya Worry-Free Nappies. When I use them for my daughter, she is comfortable, and I don?t have to worry about rashes or any irritants. Not only that, there was no leakage overnight – and as a parent, you know just how important that factor is! They are good quality, reasonably priced, delivered straight to my door, all the while helping the environment too? Now that is a company I can get behind!

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