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Review: Ghost Tour at the Q Station, North Head

Ghost tours at the North Head Quarantine Station are a fun and frightening way to spend an evening. Here is a thrilling review from a local Northern Beaches Mum who recently did a Ghost tour… 

I recently took my 11 year old with her best friend and her mum to the Q Station to do the 8 – 14 year old tour that they hold on a Friday evening. My 11 year old really wanted to do this and I will admit I wasn’t that excited about it but thought if I took her friend and her mum at least I could have a good catch up with her friend’s mum. But I can tell you now it was soooo good I am even going back for another tour soon.

This is something different to do I can’t think of anything like it in Sydney. If you’re looking for your kids to get some real education and learn the history of Sydney and the people who came to settle here whilst having some fun then you’ll love this. Get the whole family together for a spooky night of ghost stories and ghost hunting! Learn about ghosts and why this site is haunted, it’s fascinating.

Myself and the other mum stood back at first thinking it was really for the kids but about 5 mins in we found ourselves in each room listening intently to the stories and feeling the eerie chill that you get at night there.

It’s great for families and there was a birthday party there with eleven 14 years old who had a blast and totally got into the night holding their EMF meter for their paranormal work that night. The hand held devices measures AC magnetic field strength. Used widely by professional ghost hunters on TV, and amateurs alike, the children loved them and screeched with excitement as their devices flickered showing a ghost around them in the room.

Its $125 for a family of four and great value for a fun family bonding night out.

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