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Tips For Parents ? How Your Children Can Improve In Learning, Reading, Writing and Overcome Educational and Other Obstacles

Every parent knows that school-aged children can be a source of big stress, especially if they?re struggling to grasp learning, reading or writing.

Many parents tend to fall into the trap and feel bad thinking that their child?s school failings are somehow their fault. Also, in order to help their child overcome learning issues, parents tend to force them to study for hours without regarding their abilities and needs first. If your child is having difficulties at school, don?t worry, as there are ways to make things right, you just need to have patience. These tips will definitely help your child improve so read on to find out how to make that happen:

Know your child

If you really want to help your child flourish, first you need to know them well. There?s no point in paying for expensive private lessons if you don?t consider your child?s perspective first. Maybe your child is too overwhelmed with the amount of workload at school, or maybe they?re finding the coursework too demanding? Whatever the case, you need to have a serious conversation with your child so you?ll be able to find the source of their frustration. Don?t ever assume or treat your child like they?re stupid or incapable, because that can have the complete opposite effect. Always take time to talk to your kid and spend time together, so they?ll be willing and able to open up and tell you everything.

Talk to school staff

Before you decide to do anything, you need to talk to school staff. Your child?s teacher or a school principal can tell you exactly where the problem lies, and it?s equally important to take their opinion into account because after all, they?re the ones who are teaching your child. Just because you can check your child?s achievements using school management software, don?t dismiss teacher?s opinion straight away – even though they come across as criticizing, it doesn?t mean they don?t have good and noble intentions. If you want to stand your ground, feel free to do so, but always consider providing your child with some adequate help as well.

If your child?s math teacher says that your kid is behind the class, that doesn?t mean that said teacher has something against your child. Instead, you should listen carefully and try to come to the solution that will help your child overcome their learning difficulties.

Consider getting some help from aside

When your kid is struggling with math, writing, reading or pretty much anything else, the best thing is to hire someone who?ll patiently help your kid grow and become more confident when it comes to learning and solving problems. Just because your kid seems quiet in class, that doesn?t mean that they don?t need extra English tutoring from time to time. Getting better at spelling and writing can greatly help your child in the future, especially if you consider sending them to college when they grow up. Even if it seems like an additional expense, remember that investing in your child?s education can benefit them later on.

Invest your own time

Sometimes, parents need to do their part and help their kids study, especially if they?re already struggling academically. Even if you?re too busy with your own job and other house chores, make sure to invest some extra time and help your kid with their homework and other school projects. Also, try to stay away from scorning your kid whenever they make a mistake, so they won?t become too discouraged. If they happen to err frequently, calmly explain to them what is it they?re doing wrong and calmly help them find the correct answer. That will show them the importance of being patient and persistent, and you?ll be happy with the final results. The last thing you need is your kid refusing to learn, due to you losing your nerves.

Go to a children’s therapist

This may seem a bit controversial since therapist are usually hired in case of serious mental health issues, but if your child is suffering from constant lack of self-esteem, maybe it?s time to talk to a children’s therapist who?ll be able to carefully assess your kid and find the root of their academic struggle. Sometimes, the reason for their academic failure(s) could be a hidden trauma or an undiagnosed condition such as Asperger?s Syndrome. Never underestimate your child?s ability to heal and grow, so if nothing else works, don?t hesitate to consult a mental health professional.


Just because your kid has encountered some learning obstacles, that doesn?t mean that they won?t be able to overcome them. Therefore, it?s crucial to carefully approach the issue and build a close relationship with your kid. Try to refrain from yelling and/or using force, as that can only worsen the problem. Whatever you do, remember to be kind, loving, tolerant and to dedicate your time and other resources to your child. After all, if you?re persistent, your child will take that as a sign of encouragement which will only strengthen your relationship and further motivate your child to learn more and perform better at school.

Isabel William is consultant by day and a blogger by night and Mom to twins 24/7. Area of interest includes education, well being, mental health, as well as self-improvement. Considered by her peers a lifetime educator, whose passion is love for writing and helping people, parenting, education and science.