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Review: FoodSt

Review: FoodSt - Pro Tips for You | Northern Beaches Mums

Looking for help with meals? Check out this amazing review from Anna, a Northern Beaches Mum, who tried out FoodSt, a local Northern Beaches business with a social cause that provides employment opportunities for Aussies that may struggle with traditional workplaces. Some of the cooks are on maternity leave, immigrants or refugees with limited English or talented chefs that have been impacted by COVID-19.

I loved the Idea of authentic home cooked food being delivered to my door!

Yes you can buy some of these foods from the freezer section at your local supermarket but they are nowhere near as nice as these home cooked meals. There are some really different dishes too from various countries that you cannot buy at a supermarket.

The food all comes frozen. Some need to defrost overnight and some are cooked from frozen.

There are lots of nibbles such as pork buns, deep fried chicken, curry puffs, ladies fingers etc. These are really nice to buy and keep for when you want an afternoon or late-night weekend snack or even a light meal.

I simply wouldn’t have the ingredients or time to attempt cooking some of these meals and the only place I could eat them are in restaurant, so its so great to get these foods to be able to store in my freezer.

Here are some of the foods we have tried

Char Sui Bao Bun – BBQ Bun

We have tried these microwaved and steamed and preferred them steamed. The kids have loved these and I’ve just ordered a double batch in my next order. A nice treat for the kids for a weekend lunch. I love that you can also sneak these into the kids lunchboxes too as they are fine at room temperature, a nice surprise when they open their lunchbox. They are really good restaurant quality. The lady that cooks these got the recipe from her grandfather which I love.

Chilean Empanadas

These are cooked by an ex Shangri La Chef and they are delicious. The pastry is so good. We tried the beef ones and they were just so tasty. You can tell all the ingredients have been cooked fresh and are high quality. No wonder they have a 5* review from everyone that has tried them.


We normally would only ever have this if we visited a market on a weekend. Gozlem is a traditional Turkish flatbread that can be filled with an assortment of fillings. When you cook the gozleme in a pan it is crunchy on the outside and irresistibly delicious on the inside. I wasn’t sure how this would warm up but it heats up fine and is just as good as buying it freshly made from a van at the markets. Again, I did not order enough of this so a double batch for next time. One was big enough for 1 to 2 people, if you aren’t big eaters.

French Onion and Goats Cheese Friands – Feuilletés Chèvre, Oignons Confits

Another family recipe from France. These beautiful pastries are filled with a caramelised onion confit and goats cheese. They are delicious. We had these for lunch with a salad and the kids were asking for more!

Chicken and Shittake Mushroom Dumplings

These are another dish that had a 5* review and I instantly tasted why. These are one of my favourite things I ordered. I could have eaten all of these on my own and have already ordered again. They are REALLY tasty, just yum. You have to try these!

Butter Chicken

Everyone’s favourite. This is all my kids ever order if we have takeaway or visit an Indian restaurant. Yet again, this is as good as restaurant food. Morsels of slow cooked smokey chicken, simmered in a creamy sauce of tomatoes scented with fenugreek and cardamom… yum. You can also order naan bread which I didn’t do this time, but will do so next time.

We are having the Chicken and Veg Mexican Enchiladas for dinner tonight… they look great and the kids can’t wait to try them.

This is a great business and service for us on the Northern Beaches, and I for one am really excited to have this service with quality food. The food is exciting, there are so many dishes from around the world that you cannot buy elsewhere. It is fresh ingredients, not packed with preservatives etc – it’s good wholesome food.

I am SOLD and a regular client now. The best part is my kids LOVE this food and the variety they offer. Happy kids, happy mum.

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