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Rachel Gordon stars in beloved Australian play

Ensemble Theatre is thrilled to present Mr Bailey’s Mindera powerful drama by beloved Australian writer Debra Oswald and starring theatre legend John Gaden, on from 28th July to 2nd September 2023. 

For Actor Rachel Gordon, bringing to life this touching redemption story has been a wonderful and at times challenging journey. 

Why was Mr Bailey’s Minder a production you wanted to be involved with? 

I love working at the Ensemble Theatre and Debra Oswald’s beautiful script about the complexity of family dynamics was a wonderful opportunity. When I knew John Gaden was playing Leo Bailey I was so excited. He is in my opinion, one of Australia’s greatest actors. With a career spanning 60 years he remains a kind, supportive and most wonderful gentleman. I adore him. We all do. The cast of Claudia Ware and Albert Mwangi along with Damien Ryan’s beautiful direction has made this one to remember

In what ways does your character Margot challenge you? And in what ways do you relate to her?

Margot is a complex, difficult character to play. She maintains a relationship with her father despite years of abuse as a result of his active alcoholism and disappointment in life. She loves her father but needs to set boundaries to take care of herself. She has developed an armor to protect herself from his cruelty but every now and then it slips and e see her anguish.  I think the most wonderful thing about playing Margot is showing how when someone is the victim of abuse they don’t stop loving their parent they stop loving them self. She is in enormous amounts of pain but still fronts up to take care of her father in the only way she can

What are some of the themes explored in Mr Bailey’s Minder? 

Love, family, loyalty, complex relationships, love, hope and arts purpose and meaning.

What is next for you? 

I am going to Queensland Theatre straight after this to perform in The Appleton Ladies Potato Race. A wonderful play written by gorgeous, talented Melanie Tait and directed by the  brilliant and lovely Priscilla Jackman. Very excited. 

Dates: 28th July 2023 – 2nd September 2023
Location: Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli 
Tickets: $25 – $80