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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Baby Jumpsuit

Shopping for cute, tiny clothes is one of the best things about becoming a parent. Out of all the amazing options available out there, baby jumpsuits are perhaps the most popular and exciting ones. Basically, they are one-piece garments with legs and sleeves without any covering for hands, head, or feet. They not only look cute on little babies, but they are also comfortable and easy to use too. You need to choose the right one that is good at looks, comfortable on skin, and serves its purpose well.

Here are a few questions you must ask yourself before buying a baby jumpsuit for your little one.

Is it easy to wear it on and off?

Since jumpsuits are built in a single piece, they usually need a fixture with which it can be worn on and off. Some of these have zippers on the back or front, while others have buttons or books. Others have full snap openings at the front or bottom. If it needs to be pulled over the baby’s head, make sure that the neck is stretchable and soft, so that it does not tug over.

Is it easy to take care of? Little babies spoil their clothes several times a day. You cannot send them for dry cleaning every time. Avoid buying a baby jumpsuit that cannot be washed in a washing machine. Make sure that it is made up of a stain-resistant material, so that it does not get dirty very easily. It should also be quick to dry, so that it does not take days to dry even on cloudy days. Pay attention to the detergent needs of the jumpsuit, as it should be compatible to be washed in the normal detergent that you use for your laundry.

Is it comfortable and safe for the baby’s skin?

Zippers, buttons, hooks, elastics, and snaps can cause discomfort to your baby if they are placed at the wrong spots. Many manufacturers add a fabric layer between the baby and the fixtures to keep it soft. Size of baby jumpsuit that you choose for your little one also matters a lot for his/her comfort. The elastic should be covered, and snaps should not have any rough edges that might rub against the baby’s skin and cause discomfort. You need to give special attention to the fabric if your baby has a sensitive skin and develops rashes.

Is it big enough to allow layering?

In cold season, a general rule of thumb is to add one extra layer of clothes to your baby than you yourself would wear. The baby jumpsuit that you choose should allow adding this layer, so that you can easily remove or add your baby’s clothes whenever needed to keep him/her comfortable. If you are living in a snow prone area, consider opting for a fleece jumpsuit instead of thicker and heavier options. Bulky jumpsuits are not comfortable for babies as well as adults. Stay away from them such products.

Does it have any hazards that can be harmful for the baby?

While buying a baby jumpsuit, make sure that it does not have any hazardous parts that can be harmful for your baby. Loose buttons, detachable zipper pulls, embellishments and appliques can be easily pulled off and chewed on. Sometimes, the baby may even swallow it and cause choking hazard. Drawstrings should also be avoided, as they may get caught in other things and strangle the baby.

Keeping all these things in mind and finding answers to these questions, you will be able to buy a perfect baby jumpsuit that would keep your baby comfortable and safe. However, do not forget to check it’s washing instructions and maintenance requirements.