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Purchasing a home in Winter

If you?re looking to purchase a home during the Winter months, there can be some real benefits for the buyers.

  1. Less Buyers on the Market

Many buyers pack up and put their property purchase on hold over Winter, so there are a lot less buyers on the market, meaning a lot less competition. The less competition, the less potential of your dream property being sold to someone else.

  1. Seeing the Worst of a Home

It?s easier to present a home for sale in the warmer seasons such as Spring and Summer when the sun?s out, the birds are singing and the flowers are in bloom. During winter you get to see the property in its worst condition, colder, darker and without the gardens bursting to life. During the rainy days, it?s also a perfect time to see if there is dampness, leaky gutters and drainage issues. If the house passes in these conditions, then your halfway there!

  1. Natural Light

Seeing a home in Winter lets you see exactly how much natural light there is in the home. Having natural light makes the home feel warmer, brighter, and more spacious.

  1. Take Advantage

Real estate agents with generally have less inventory in Winter, which means selling the property on the books is more crucial, and they are more committed to negotiating every deal, which means better prices for buyers.

Selling agents are also preparing for the Spring market, so they are looking at more houses, and this is more opportunity for off market deals.

  1. Autumn Listings

Having a home on the market for sale from Autumn through to Winter means the vendor will be more motivated to sell as soon as possible. This is an opportunity to make an offer on the property, and great deals can be negotiated.

  1. Spring Cleaning

Purchasing in Winter, and moving in during Spring means you?ll be doing the annual Spring clean and move at the same time. A win, win for everyone.

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