Northern Beaches Mums Facebook Group Guidelines

The Northern Beaches Mums Facebook Group is a place where mums on the Northern Beaches can ask each other questions, ask for advice, offer suggestions or info and generally support each other…because being a Mum is hard sometimes and we all need a community around us.
Some topics can be a bit controversial to some people and we can all feel a bit fragile at times, particularly when we’re sleep deprived, so when posting or responding to a post, we ask you to keep the following in mind:

Posts including same sex marriage, weight loss shakes/programs, immunisations, medical advice etc tend to cause heated debates and the moderators may remove them and any other posts which break our guidelines without warning.

Please use the SEARCH function to search the group for old posts – Topics such as childcare, hairdressers, doctors, travelling with babies etc are discussed often and you may find the answer in an old post.

With a group as large as this, we need to have these guidelines in place. so if you’ve had a post removed, it’s most likely because it is against the group guidelines.  Please don’t be personally offended, but feel free to read the full guidelines below so you can understand the rationale behind our decisions.

We reserve the right to remove any post, comment, image or member from the group who breaches these group guidelines….


There are a lot of mums in this group who wish to offer baby sitting or nanny services. Please note this is not allowed but the following group is available for this very purpose… https://www.facebook.com/groups/NBNanniesandFamilies/


No charity or Go Fund Me posts.
Please DO NOT post personal links to charity events you are taking part in.


No posts relating to vaccinations. This is an inflammatory subject which has only ever ended in two sides unable to agree, nasty comments being made and general upset in the group.
If you are seeking advice or information on this subject, or indeed any medical subject, you are urged to seek professional medical advice.


Please DO NOT post links to real estate for sale or rent.


No job posts are allowed. If you have a position available, please email info@northernbeachesmums.com.au where we can arrange for this to be posted on the Northern Beaches Mums Job Board. https://northernbeachesmums.com.au/j…


NO member of this group, (whether you are a journalist, family member, friend or associate of a journalist or blogger or in any way associated with media) are to post a screen shot/grab or reference any post or comment made in this group in the media space without WRITTEN consent from Admin as well as the mother(s) referenced. You must also not use this group to research blogs and articles without permission from the Moderator team.

Ignoring this guideline will result in immediate removal from the group. This group a safe place for mums and mum-to-be where we provide a platform with an expectation that names and personal comments will not end up in the news.


We’ve been inundated with requests to share personal blogs but have had to decline due to so many requests and they are used simply to increase visitors to the blog. If you have something valuable to say that you think the community would benefit from please consider sending it to us for use as an article for the website and we would be delighted to then share the information for you. Send these to info@northernbeachesmums.com.au.


Please be respectful of people’s opinions or methods, especially if they differ from yours. Having so many views on everything is actually a wonderful thing! Everyone’s views are welcome here.
The moderators cannot get involved in any personal disputes between members, including where what member is a business. All disputes must be handled privately.

DON’T NAME AND SHAME LOCAL BUSINESSES. This can be very damaging, and posts of this nature will be deleted and the member may be removed from the group.

If someone posts asking for recommendations (of any kind) it does NOT void the no name and shame rule for the group.  If you have had a bad experience, of course do not recommend that company to the OP. If you feel you have had an experience that needs to be shared with the OP, please comment on the post “can I PM you” If the OP is responds she is happy for you to PM her, please do so.

Similarly (to cut out the “can I PM you step”) If you are posting asking for recommendations, add to your post “To avoid public naming and shaming happy to receive PM’s”.

It is important to remember there are always two sides to a story…. Negatively posting or commenting regarding a company or person only gives 1 side of the story. More often than not the other party does not even have the chance to defend themselves… In a group this size and this active, a single negative comment can start an avalanche that quickly destroys business, families, people.

For more information on this issue read Legal Aid’s factsheet on online defamation.


Any posts containing offensive language will be deleted.


The Northern Beaches Mums love recommendations so we need to ensure that all recommendations are genuine.  When recommending a local business or service please disclose whether you are involved in the business (i.e. owner, employee) or are friends/family with the owner.

**Remember that recommendations are only useful to the group when they are genuine, and questionable recommendations only weaken every other review someone has offered.

Recommending your own business – Commenting about your business on relevant posts is permitted but members are not permitted to private message other members of this group purely for business purposes unless they have asked for you to do so first. e.g. if a mum posts she is having sleep issues, she does not wish for every sleep expert to privately message her offering their services. It actually makes the mother not want to use your service and complain to moderators.

When commenting about your business, please advise the OP of your relationship with the business in your response i.e. owner, employee etc, also your business recommendation must DIRECTLY relate to the question e.g.. If someone asks for recommendations for a great Thai takeaway, please do not recommend your pizza shop! If someone is looking for a hairdresser in the Avalon area, please don’t recommend a hairdresser in Manly Vale – Manly Vale is no where near Avalon!

Commenting on Old Posts – Do not search and comment on old posts relevant to your business. Posts must be a maximum of 24hrs old in order to recommend your own business.

Recommending Removed Group Members – The moderators reserve the right to remove recommendations or promotion of a person or business who has been removed from the group or who is known to have slandered this group or individual admin in other forums.

Fake Profiles – Members are not allowed to create a fake profile to post recommendations to any business they have connections with.

Influencer Posts – If a member is found to be acting as influencer for a brand or service type role and any promotion related work where you are paid either financially or via free products/services for your recommendations etc they will be removed.

Discreet business posts will be removed.  We see many different types of discreet business post.  In general this involves posting about your own or a friend or relatives business and not disclosing your relationship.

Business Research – Please do not use the group to undertake research for a business.  We do however, welcome this in our Northern Beaches Business Mums group.

Business Night – Business Night: Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

Tuesday Night Business Night is only for businesses that have purchased a Business Directory listing on the Northern Beaches Mums website or who are current advertisers with us.

To submit your business into the website directory please email info@northernbeachesmums.com.au
Northern Beaches Mums also has many other options for advertising, for a Media Kit please contact us on info@northernbeachesmums.com.au


The team of moderators of this group are volunteers. They are all long time group members who are Mums with jobs, families and busy lives and they dedicate many hours each week of their own time to help keep the group running smoothly.
All decisions by the moderators are final, please do not bad mouth of question the moderators publicly.   If you disagree with a decision please pm us.

Do not block any member of the moderator team.


We really want everyone to have a positive experience in this group.  Bullying and or trolling will not be tolerated.


We are proud to be a community which welcomes Mums of all colours, shapes, sizes, religions, backgrounds and sexual orientations. We aim to be a community that is safe for all.

We understand that the upcoming same sex marriage vote is a controversial issue about which people have strong feelings. However, the membership of this group includes families of all kinds and as an organisation we believe that all Australians should share the same rights, responsibilities and protections around marriage.

We appreciate that people have strong opinions on this matter, but we feel that all people are deserving of respect, and posts which are considered by us to be insulting, demeaning or disrespectful to the LGBTIQ+ community will be removed.

To clarify this, we will be moderating according to the following guidelines:

  • Posts about opposing views, which do not make judgements about others – their actions, parenting or beliefs, will be left. They should not be questioned or badgered into explaining their reasons.
  • Posts who say they will be voting ‘no’ for discriminatory reasons will be deleted – for example, a comment that suggests children are better with a mother and a father.
  • Posts that include links to articles or videos that imply that the LGBTIQ community is inferior or promote fear-mongering will be deleted.

To understand whether the comment is discriminatory, look at the issue from another perspective and ask yourself – if this was posted about me or my nationality, would I be upset or offended by it? If so, then please do not post.

We hope these guidelines serve to help promote education and understanding around Marriage Equality, in a way that is positive and supportive.


We all love trading cards but the group can become inundated with posts when popular trading cards are available.  Please do not post offering or looking for any such trading cards.


Please do not use the group to perform market research or any other type of research project.


Please do not post Buy / Swap Sell type posts including items you have to give away and garage sales.

There are several groups specifically for these including…


If you post a medical question to the group, please be mindful that the responses given are usually based on other people’s personal experiences. Whilst it is helpful to get lots of opinions and suggestions, please note that it should never replace speaking to a doctor or healthcare professional.

Click here for our list of local health services who can provide qualified advice and care.  And don’t forget, in an EMERGENCY call triple zero (000) for an ambulance or go to the emergency department of your local hospital.

Northern Beaches Mums accepts no responsibility for any advice given by group members.


Our group was created to provide a safe, positive, non judgemental and supportive community.  Please do not use this group to criticise other Mums, whether they are a group member or not.  Do not add negative “to the mum who …..” or “rant” type posts.  As Mums we all know how difficult the journey can be, and non of us really knows what leads to another Mums behaviour and these posts typically only serve to shock or cause outrage.  If you have witnessed behaviour that is needs attention, please do not post in in the group but report it to the appropriate authorities.


Facebook is an OPEN forum, even if this is a closed group.  Be reminded that anyone can copy and paste or take a screen shot of your post. We cannot stop this but only warn that. ANY MEMBER FOUND DOING THIS WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY.

If you have a post that might cause problems (being attached to your name) then please ask to have it posted anonymously.

REMEMBER, if you don’t want to see your comments/name online then please don’t post them. There ARE trolls on the net and they are always on the look out to exploit you.  We do our best to screen all new group members, but some do slip through with ever more sophisticated profiles.

We advise all group members against posting personal information such as email addresses, home addresses or phone numbers. We also advise against posting full names of your children and other identifiable information, such as the name of their school.


If you would like to ask an anonymous question, please submit it to us here or feel free to privately message moderator Nora Beacon and we will ask the question for you. Be assured you have complete privacy & confidentiality!

We are more than happy to post on your behalf for questions of a sensitive nature but we may refuse the request if we deem it non sensitive.

As we get so many requests each day please be mindful we can’t always update your post and receive pm’s on your behalf. We also can’t guarantee to post anon post requested outwith office hours 9-5 Monday to Friday

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