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New Survey Reveals More Than a Million Aussie Men Are Putting Off Health Care

With ?Movember? officially underway, a month dedicated to men’s health around the world, a survey has revealed that more than one million Australian men are going for at least two years without seeking health advice.

In a national survey* conducted by Australia?s leading health retailer, Healthy Life, nearly 10 per cent (9.3 per cent) of male respondents said they hadn?t seen a health care professional for more than two years, double the figure of their female counterparts (4.8 per cent), with some even admitting they hadn?t received health advice this decade.

Men aged 35-44 were the worst offenders with nearly one in five (18 per cent) respondents in this age bracket admitting they hadn?t sought professional health advice in more than two years including nearly five per cent (4.8 per cent) who said they hadn?t seen a health care professional in the past decade.

Almost 11 per cent of younger men (aged 18-24) said they hadn?t been to a health care professional for more than two years.

Tasmanian men were the most health averse with 12.5 per cent of respondents from the State saying they hadn?t been to a health care professional in the past decade.

Around one in ten men in the ACT (11 per cent), Western Australia (9.4 per cent) and NSW (8.8 per cent) hadn?t sought health help for more than two years.

The only place women fared worse was in the Territories, with 12.5 per cent of females from the ACT and 20 per cent of those living in the Northern Territory admitting they hadn?t seen a health care professional for more than five years.

According to the survey, health care visits increased with age, with 82 per cent of men aged 55-64 and 95 per cent of men aged over 65 saying they had seen a health care professional in the past six months. This decreased to between 67 per cent and 71 per cent for younger age groups. In comparison, more than 80 per cent of women of all ages had sought health advice in the past six months.

In the wake of these statistics, Healthy Life has reminded Australian men that every store has a qualified health practitioner available, and in the hope of encouraging more men to pop in store to have a chat about their health, the retailer has announced it will offer some men-themed sale days in November.

?These statistics reveal that men aren?t as good at asking for help as women. So, for a few days in November, we?re dropping the price across some of our most popular men?s products in the hope it will prompt more Aussie men to visit us and start a conversation about any nagging health issues, especially if it?s been troubling them for a couple of years or more,? Healthy Life Chief Marketing Officer Simon Cheng said.

?Our stores are located in busy shopping centres, usually next to the supermarket, so it?s convenient to pop in before or after grabbing some groceries for a quick, casual chat. Whether it?s concerns about increased stress levels, prostate health, weight loss or trouble sleeping, some pre- and post-workout tips, general nutritional advice or anything else to do with their overall health and wellness, our health experts will help point men in the right direction. It?s time to change the perception that it?s not ?manly? to seek health advice.?

In addition to its usual sale on the first Monday of the month, the retailer is taking 20 per cent off a select range of men?s vitamins, eco clothing, personal care and sports performance products on Monday 12, 19 and 26 November. Discounted products available on the special ?Manday? sale days include Fusion Health Men’s Balance from $27.96, Boody bamboo men?s wear from as low as $7, and Weleda men?s shaving cream from $12.76.

In the spirit of ?Movember?, Healthy Life shared some easy health and wellness hacks to help more Australian men live a healthier life and feel good from the inside out.

  • ?Menitation??? ?if ‘omm’ chanting and deep breathing feels too off-beat, there are other ways to get some ?men time?. Even just popping out for some fresh air can do the trick.?Meditation is about taking some time out so this could be as simple as setting?aside some time in the day to switch off and reduce screen time, which can also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, or take it a step further and spend time outside in nature – this can be an instant mood booster and increase feelings of wellbeing. A walk or a jog can be a form of ?menitation? or there’s?always?the great male pastime of?fishing.
  • Man smoothie?? even though men and women are different, they both need lots of fresh vegetables and whole grains to function at their best.??There is a misconception that men only need to eat meat to be strong and healthy. While men can certainly consume more meat than women, spoiler alert: they also need to eat their greens. If grains and greens are too ‘girly?, try combining a good quality protein powder with fruit,?vegetables,?nuts, seeds and some cacao for a robust and manly?choccy?flavour. It?s also an easy way to tick off a few of those harder to reach RDIs.
  • Man brunch?? ?if a healthy breakfast isn’t usually on the agenda, it should be. Swap a bowl of sugary cereal or bacon and eggs for some nourishing porridge or muesli. Make it even more nutritious by adding some flaxseed, chia or hemp seeds.
  • Man food ? ?Men love meat, especially Aussie blokes, but their love affair with big slabs of meat might be doing more harm than good. While meat protein is important for men, it?s worth keeping in mind that the estimated average requirement of protein for men aged 19-70 is less than one gram per kilogram of body weight per day. For an 80kg bloke, that?s only around 80g of protein each day. Too much protein can put added stress on the kidneys and create acidity in the body.?Mix up red meat with some fish now and then, and try adding more vegetables to meat dishes. It can be as easy as grating some zucchini and carrot into a bolognaise sauce or meat pattie.
  • Man care?? There are some great supplements which can help with stress and anxiety as well as increasing energy and stamina, such as ginseng.?Remember – with serotonin made in the gut, the best way to support mental health is to bolster this feel good hormone by consuming more Vitamin B-rich leafy greens and brain-boosting nuts and oily fish.
  • Go nuts ? A balanced diet of nutritious whole foods is important for overall men?s health but zinc and selenium are especially important for the male reproductive system. Men can get the recommended daily intake of selenium with just four brazil nuts while foods high in zinc include prawns, mussels, eggs, pepitas and grains.

For more information on Healthy Life, to find a store or shop online, visit

Healthy Life is Australia’s leading health and wellness retailer with 47 stores nationally. Stores offer a range of natural, organic, and eco-friendly goods, coupled with qualified health practitioners to provide expert advice in natural health solutions. Natural health products include organic and whole foods, superfoods, allergy-free foods, vegan-friendly products, herbal teas, supplements, sports nutrition, natural hair, skincare and chemical-free beauty products.

*Research conducted by Pure Profile for Healthy Life using a sample of 1000 people representative of the national population with health care professional defined as anything from a doctor to a dietitian and a naturopath to a nutritionist.