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NEW! Boobie Broth™ by Pinky McKay’s, Boobie Foods – A Much Needed Boost For Breastfeeding Mums, Based on a University Study

In a world-wide first, Melbourne-based breastfeeding expert, Pinky McKay, and her team, including nutritionists and a food scientist has launched her newest ‘baby’ product, Pinky’s Boobie Broth™ a bone-broth powder with specialised ingredients to boost breastmilk supply.

The unique broth is based on a research project with nutrition experts from Victoria University, Melbourne. The recipe uses specific lactogenic (milk-boosting) ingredients that meet criteria as a ‘food for special medical purposes’ and must be sold through a health retailer, or health professional.

Although 96% of mums initiate breastfeeding in Australia, only 15 percent of Australian babies are exclusively breastfed until six months, as recommended by the World Health Organisation.  According to research studies, low milk supply is cited as the most common reason Australian mothers stop breastfeeding.

McKay, the internationally certified lactation consultant says, “while mothers are often prescribed medications to boost milk supply, there is increasing concern and confusion around the safety and side effects of these.”

Pinky’s Boobie Broth™ is a perfect recovery food for new mothers and can support lactation without any side effects for mothers or babies: Boobie Broth™ has been nutritionally formulated from certified organic chicken bones and vegetables that are cooked gently for 18 hours to release essential nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids.

The broth is then blended with specially selected lactogenic plant ingredients that have been shown by research to encourage a healthy breastmilk supply, whilst bone broth has been shown to support gut health and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Pinky’s Boobie Broth™ makes a delicious, sustaining ‘pick-me-up’ and is a perfect postnatal recovery and breastfeeding support food to nourish you as you breastfeed your baby.

Pinky says, “by simply adding a couple of teaspoons (8gms) of powder to a cup of hot water, tired, time poor mums have an easy, nutritious food that can boost their breast milk.”

Recognised as one of Australia’s most respected breastfeeding experts, Pinky McKay has been working with breastfeeding mums for over 40 years and offers a range of breastfeeding support, information, and award-winning food products (lactation cookies, including dairy and gluten free; a toasted Muesli and 2 lactation teas -immunity and calming blends).

Pinky and her daughter Sarah launched ‘Boobie Bikkies’ – with just two varieties of milk boosting cookies as the first commercial lactation foods in Australia in 2012. She says, “for generations, in traditional cultures, women have been fed certain foods to aid postnatal recovery and establish lactation.

Even though there is worldwide research about how foods can impact breastmilk supply, when we launched, there was a lack of awareness about this here, and we faced a lot of scepticism about ‘evidence’.”

“In 2020 we did a research project with Victoria University, Melbourne that included a literature review on studies of lactogenic foods; foods that support postnatal wellbeing; foods that pass-through breast milk to support infant health and development; and a nutritional analysis of our Boobie Bikkies™ and Boobie Brekkie™ – that affirmed our foods were a “helpful nutritional complement to a healthy balanced diet”.

“With lockdowns in Melbourne and delays due to covid, we had to be super patient perfecting and producing Pinky’s Boobie Broth™.

“Now, though, we not only have evidence through research – Australian food laws require a ‘body of evidence’ – but we have hundreds of testimonials from happy, healthy breastfeeding mothers for our entire Boobie Foods range.”

Pinky’s Boobie Foods™ are found in over 600 stockists across Australia, Chemist Warehouse being one of the major Australian stockists. Pinky and Boobie Foods™ have been acknowledged by awards including the AusMumpreneur of the Year Award (2019); Telstra State Finalist, Best of Business Awards 2022; Gold Winner, International Stevie Awards (Small Business) 2022, and Winner of the International Stevie Awards ‘People’s Choice’ (Small Business) 2022.

Boobie Broth™