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Mums, It’s Time to Get in the Photos!

As mothers, we often find ourselves immersed in the responsibilities of our family, including capturing countless precious moments behind the camera. While it’s delightful to have a collection of photos of our children, it means that we, dear mums, are often absent from those memories. It’s time to change that and realise that we deserve to be in front of the camera, creating lasting memories with our families. The importance of mums being present in photos can not be overstated and I want to highlight my top reasons why.

Preserving Memories for Your Children

There will come a time when we won’t be here anymore, and all our children will have left are the photographs we leave behind. They will cherish these memories and long to see our smiles, just the way they remember them. By consistently staying behind the scenes, we deny them the opportunity to have a complete picture of their childhood with their remarkable mother. Let’s capture the joy, love, and togetherness we share with our children in photographs that they can cherish for a lifetime. Step in front of the camera with your children.

Teaching Self-Love and Acceptance

As mothers, it is our profound desire to instill a sense of self-love within our children, particularly our daughters who may face societal pressures to conform to narrow beauty standards. By shying away from the camera or feeling insecure about being photographed, we inadvertently send a message that we don’t consider ourselves worthy or beautiful. Instead, let’s demonstrate unwavering confidence and self-love, regardless of society’s limited definition of beauty. By being present in family portraits, we inspire our children to embrace their own unique features and value themselves as they are and embrace others as they are.

Valuing and Respecting Women

Our sons need to see us embracing self-love and being included in family photos too. It teaches them the importance of appreciating and respecting women for who they are, beyond societal standards. By actively participating in family portraits, we show them that beauty transcends expectations and that their mothers are remarkable and worthy of being captured alongside them.

Mums, it’s time to embark on a journey of self-love and family portraits. Let’s create a legacy of beauty, strength, and unwavering love that will endure for generations. Schedule a family photo shoot with a skilled professional photographer who can capture the unique charm of your family. By doing so, you not only create cherished memories but also provide your children with a visual reminder of their own beauty and the love that surrounded them. Embrace self-acceptance, inspire your children, and leave behind a legacy of love and acceptance for years to come.

Bree is a newborn and family photographer based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Bree has 3 children and has been creating portraits for Northern Beaches families for almost 10 years.