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Northern Beaches Mums Group


The Northern Beaches is a beautiful place to live and work, but with it comes a climate that is prone to that horrible substance called MOULD.

My name is Amy Stitt and I have personally overcome mould illness and manage my allergies. This led me to the building biology industry and I am a certified Mould Testing Technician and BB student. 

Many of my clients are parents with children presenting with mould related health symptoms or diagnosis. I would like to offer a few practical tips on how to identify, remove and prevent mould in the home.

Mould requires an environment with a moisture source and a food source, these can be basic things such as condensation on your windows and dirt and dust build up in your home.

3 tips to identify mould:

  1. A damp/musty odour – this odour comes from the mVOCs being released into the indoor environment and a sure sign there is a mould issue
  2. Visible mould – if you have visible mould, chances are there is a lot more hidden in the home too
  3. Cracked or peeling paint – this a sign of moisture and likely mould growth

3 tips to remove mould:

  1. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when dealing with ANY mould
  2. Only try to remove visible mould less than A4 in size, greater than that I recommend engaging an IICRC Mould Remediator
  3. Avoid “mould killer” products – use a warm soapy water mix with basic detergent, microfibre cloth and dry tea towel

3 tips to prevent mould:

  1. Ventilate! As humans we create a few litres of water vapor per day through showering, cooking, etc., and we need that moisture to exit our homes within 24-48 hours to prevent mould growth
  2. Exhaust fans – Use them! During cooking and showering and for at least 10 minutes afterwards
  3. Declutter – dust and dirt can gather in a cluttered home, add a few days with high relative humidity and you have a suitable environment for mould

For further information or to discuss having a moisture and mould assessment of your home, please go to: