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Modern Day Samaritans

A group of Northern Beaches high school students have created lasting impact for families in Siem Reap, Cambodia following their recent visit in the school holidays. The 26 Duke of Edinburgh students and five teachers from Stella Maris College collaborated with Mike Pawley’s “Happy Days Charity” to support five schools in the province.  

Through a student-led fundraising campaign, the tourists hoped to donate 30 bicycles to help Cambodian students better navigate their often-long trips to school.  

Stella Maris College principal, Elizabeth Carnegie said the outcome was incredible. 

“Not only did the students more than double their goal of donating 30 bicycles, but they were also able to deliver 25 bags of Lego, uniforms, books, stationery, art supplies, ukeleles and games for the children of these five schools.” 

Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator at Stella Maris College, Linda Silburn said it was heartwarming seeing the Stella students interact with their Cambodian ‘little brothers and sisters’.  

“I know our students have returned with open hearts knowing that small acts of kindness can result in long-term and positive outcomes for children less fortunate than themselves.” 

Ms Carnegie said the message of the Good Samaritan on which the College was founded, continues to thrive at Stella. 

“Our students know that reaching out to others in need and recognising the inherent dignity of all human life is something we hold dear at Stella. We take tremendous pride in witnessing their commitment to these foundational values through their time in Cambodia.”