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Life lessons from the most experienced mum (that’s ever existed)

That’s a tall order but I promise, you will not be disappointed!

What if I told you that the oldest mother that has ever existed wanted to share her secrets with us and she asked for in return is our attention?

You may be a little doubtful, maybe even a little distrustful but you’ll soon find that this mum is begging us to take her seriously and you will be surprised at how many of us are simply not listening.

Okay, so it’s time to stop teasing you and get straight to the point so here it is:

Mother Nature has been taking care of all of her children, us, long before any of us or our children came onto the scene and she’s been doing an awesome job of it, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Why we’re not listening to her wisdom is confusing but if you’re ready to learn from this experienced mum, let’s get started!

Nature and all she has to offer is simply the best!

Health is to put it bluntly, the most important part of our lives and as mothers, we want nothing more than to ensure the safety of our own little tiny tots with some of us going to great lengths in ensuring our children are as healthy and happy as they can possibly be.

The other side of this coin though is that staying healthy can also be quite expensive which is why I am personally a strong advocate for preventing rather than curing. I think it is the best possible option for everyone I love and myself – to stay healthy as much of the time as possible (remember getting the odd flu now and then is part of keeping our immune systems healthy and up to date – like the virus definitions on our computers!) rather than waste my energy and precious time trying to cure ourselves from niggling ailments or injuries.

This brings me to my very important next point – the use of Organic and/or Natural products.

What we put on and into our bodies is imperative when it comes to taking care of our families. As the news of Johnson’s and Johnson?s Baby Powder’s Cancer scare continues to rear its ugly head throughout the years, it has only added to the list of issues products made up of chemical substances have caused and continue to do so.

When large organisations that countless women have relied upon for decades to take care of our most precious belongings ever, our children, start coming under scrutiny for potentially life threatening diseases, it?s time to wake up and smell the natural grass!

Money is useless if we don’t have our health so it’s time we start thinking about adopting a more natural solution.

Can Nature help with our children’s allergies?

With a substantial increase in food allergies developing progressively over the years, more of us are turning to organic alternatives for what we eat and feed our loved ones. I am surprised at learning how the mothers (and fathers) amongst our clients are busy cooking a variety of meals for their families in order to cater for all the allergies different family members are exhaustedly struck down with.This is just one of many reasons on why it’s a safer bet to use Organic foods and better yet, maybe something you’ve actually grown and handpicked from your or a community run garden.

There are also a whole lot of scrumptious options for Organic products available nowadays which means that parents and kids are equally as happy! Visit your local health outlets or community run cooperatives for some inspiration. Who knows, you may never go back to conventional options ever again.

Listen to Mother Nature and open yourself to her Wisdom

Mother Nature has been given her name for a reason; she is self-sacrificing and works tirelessly every single day in an effort to provide the best there is for all her children and that’s exactly what you do for your family.

Mums and dads are busy, overtaxed and time poor but nothing can stop that smile on our faces when we see our families happy and healthy, the feeling is incomparable to any other. But we do need a helping hand every now and then!

I cannot think of a better Mother to take our hand as she leads us down the path of health and wellness than our very own planet.

There’s a reason everyone’s on the Organic Bandwagon and it is here to stay. Don’t be the last grape on the grapevine, be the example for your family and friends and start that health revolution you’ve been thinking about for the past couple of days, months or even years!

Nature makes sense. It’s the way we’re supposed to live – naturally and organically.

Nourish your internal body with what’s in season and your external body through what’s made by the Earth, bar the usual chemical culprits; chances are you?ll feel better for it.

Remember to discuss any alterations to your normal routine with your medical practitioner prior to adopting any changes and you’re set. For life!

Mituri believes you never stop learning which is why she believes there is still more to know about when it comes to Mother Nature. As a previous Journalist, PR Specialist, Editor and Reviewer, she has worked for News Corp as a Journalist, Editor and IT Specialist, a variety of online mediums and local newspapers as well as for Australia’s second largest Publishing House, Express Publications. These days she’s doing PR (amongst many other roles like nearly every entrepreneur on the planet) for her Organic based/Certified Organic brand Nim-Vida Australia. Go check it out.