Northern Beaches Mums Group
Northern Beaches Mums Group

Leading the way for the change we deserve

As a mum of three living on the Northern Beaches and a local GP who has care for and listened to hundreds of local families, I am passionate about our community and the issues that matter for people in Mackellar. When I speak to people in the community, they tell me better healthcare, affordable childcare, meaningful climate action, more affordable housing and a stable future for our children are all major issues facing our area. We need to vote like our children’s future depends on it, because it does.

A recent poll of voters here in Mackellar shows the race is almost neck and neck and we have a strong chance of making history by becoming Mackellar’s first ever elected independent representative. People in Mackellar tell me they are tired of their vote and voice being taken for granted by Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party and its local representative.

As an Independent I will be answerable only to my community. I will work tirelessly to ensure the views of people in Mackellar are heard and respected in Canberra and that decisions are made in the best interests of all Australians. As the member for Mackellar, I will support strong climate action that protects our health and our way of life on the Beaches, while electrifying our economy for the clean energy era. I support a minimum 50% reduction in climate pollution by 2030, in line with the Business Council of Australia, while Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party is sticking to Tony Abbott’s 2030 climate targets.

I will also protect our way of life on the Beaches by opposing poorly planned over-development. I will back our local business community by supporting lower taxes for small and medium businesses and ensuring Australia invests in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy to bring down energy costs.

I will fight to improve health outcomes and ensure Mackellar gets our fair share of funding to improve access to mental health services and public outpatient services on the Northern Beaches. We desperately need a dedicated youth mental health inpatient service here on the Northern Beaches while locals are being left out of pocket or left without the care they need due to a lack of public outpatient services – this needs to change.

I will work to bring a sense of integrity back into politics, starting with the long promised and long overdue federal anti-corruption commission. This is something Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party promised back in 2019 but has failed to deliver. The current Member for Mackellar has also said he is against it – it is now clear the only way to bring integrity back into politics is by voting Independent on election day. 

Election day is close, and I will work hard every day to earn the trust of people here in Mackellar. But I can’t do this alone. I ask everyone who is tired of having their vote and voice being taken for granted to put on a campaign t-shirt, grab a corflute, knock on some doors and be part of making a better Mackellar for ourselves and our children. 

Democracy belongs to the people, and in 2022 we can finally take it back and take the true Spirit of Mackellar to Canberra.

Dr Sophie Scamps –