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Keeping It in the Family

Keeping It in the Family - A Guide | Northern Beaches Mum

How Kurt & Kellie built their unshakable foundations.

1. What is your joint ethos for helping consumers to choose the right builder? 
We understand the mental, emotional and financial commitment that goes into building or renovating a home. Our overriding passion and purpose is to help raise industry standards through ‘builder best practice business systems implementation’. This is what Builders Coach is doing to good effect, one builder at a time. Building does NOT have to be a painful process, it can be enjoyable and fun for both the builder and their customers.  

We would like the Australian public and families to join us an accountability partner to help fast track best practice systems adoption in Australia and help make our builders the best in the world. There is a lot of work to do but Australia has the potential and platform to achieve this. 

2. Brief background on your working relationship.
Kellie and I have been running Builder Coach together since 2009. Kellie and I see the world very differently but our high standards align with our purpose and passion of helping the Australian building industry lead the charge globally. 

3. How many kids do you have?
We have a blended family of 5 kids in total. Age range is –  29, 14, 13, 8 & 6

4. How long have you known each other?
We met on Friday 13th February 2009 – we met via an on-line dating app called RSVP. Still a novelty in those days! 

5. Why do you think your relationship will last the test of time regardless of life’s hurdles?
In short, we both have a ‘growth mindset’. We are both very passionate but also open to learning and accepting when we get it wrong. 

We are big picture focused. In the 12 years we’ve been together, we have NEVER once argued about money. We understand this is quite a unique situation for a couple. We are both ‘experience’ and ‘family’ people over ‘money’ people. We know there is a sea of money and it is easily replaceable. We see it for what it is, a means to an end, not the end itself. The main reason we’ll handle ‘anything’ that’s thrown at us is our kids. We can fight like cat and dog, but we will both die for our kids and they are our Legacy. We are building a family business, so everything we do is for them and their kids, NOT us. We are just enjoying the journey. As Steve Jobs famously said, “The journey is the reward”. 

Kellie is also an absolute ‘ball breaker’ and she knows how to get shit done. If there’s one person one the planet I can rely on, it’s her. 

6. Does the solid foundation of your relationship help you in aiding builders and business owners manage their relationships and workflow? (and why) 
Absolutely. The principles above, growth mindset, big picture family legacy and having each other’s backs means we can fly above the petty ups and downs most business owners face. We have also stood the test of time, including a divorce and we are STILL going. We are also not perfect and I think that’s better for people to relate to us and so we can help others. If our lives were perfect, then others wouldn’t relate to our situation. Life has punched us in the face many times but we’ve hardly broken stride. 

I believe we have the ability to inspire others and cause positive transformation in their relationships and businesses by keeping it real and walking our talk. We pride ourselves in practicing what we preach.

Builders Coach was formed in 2004 by Kurt Hegetschweiler and created to aid owners and leaders in the construction industry in creating ‘a well-oiled, systematic profitable business machine’. The concept is businesses and/or individuals in the construction industry gaining more control, less stress and higher profitability – allowing owners to focus on the vital areas of the business like growth, strategy and leadership. On the flip side international business coach Kurt, Kellie and his team also wish to change the narrative as well as educate clients around what they need to do to ensure their build does not end up a horror story passed around the table in half finished living rooms.