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Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?

‘I don’t do perfect.’ I actually said these words out loud to my husband the other day.

I used to put off cleaning the bathroom because I didn’t have time or energy to do a perfect job.

I brought home work from my council job, so that I could create perfect events. I was stressed and overworked.

I would get angry at the kids because they weren’t doing well enough and it was a reflection that I wasn’t being a perfect mother.

I would was often stuck. Or spinning. I just could not start for fear that it would not be good enough.

Today I was doing the washing up and I told my husband that because we don’t have hot water (our gas got cut off, we are renovating), it’s hard to clean the dishes properly. He told me he had noticed. That my youngest son’s lunchbox was covered in butter and he had to rewash it this morning! I cracked up laughing. A year ago I would have been annoyed at him for pointing out my imperfection. Now I think it’s so funny and it no longer bothers me.

Yesterday on a group call, a master coach I truly admire was talking about how she had a discussion with a colleague about a workbook they were creating. They had written it, edited it once, had it designed by a professional. But they knew there were typos. If they didn’t go to print the workbook possibly wouldn’t have been ready in time. So Jody went ahead and printed the books, she laughed and told us ‘typos are my brand’.

I LOVE this. Two separate people have pointed out that I have typos in my work, on my blog and on Instagram. I love the fact they took the time to read my material. They cared so much they messaged me! Of course I corrected the errors. And I smiled that a year ago I would have cringed and beaten myself up about the mistake.

I?m producing B minus work. It doesn’t mean I’m not producing great work, the concepts are there, the material is meaningful BUT there might be a typo and that’s OK with me.

Better done than perfect, right?

Nicky is a Northern Beaches mum with two young boys, a cheeky pup and charming husband. She is a certified life coach who specialises in working with stay at home, expat mums. She loves sharing ideas on how to kick butt and be an imperfect mum.

Image: Ester Marie Doysabas, Unsplash