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In season: Quick & easy Kanzi apples recipes to sneak more fruits into your kids’ diet

The recipes are made with Kanzi Apples that are in season and are perfect for winter!

We know that getting kids to eat their fruit and veggies is a common source of stress for parents and these simple recipes featuring delicious and vibrant Kanzi apples are a great way to help incorporate more fruits into their diets. 

Kanzi apples are premium grade apples so you can buy with confidence knowing you are always getting top quality fruit. The skin of Kanzi apples is  bright and vibrant which will add a pop of colour to any lunchbox. The healthiest way to eat a Kanzi apple is skin-on so you can maximise the health benefits from the  antioxidants, fibre and polyphenols.

Incorporate Kanzi apples into meals

Kanzi apples stay fresh for longer, pop them in the fridge and they’ll stay deliciously crunchy and juicy for up to two months. The dense flesh of a Kanzi apple naturally stays white for longer, making them ideal for grazing platters, salads and slicing for lunchboxes or snacks.

Here are five delicious recipes that kids will love.

  • Hasselback Apples – Hasselback Apples are a great recipe for dessert, as they are sweet and children can decide on the toppings they want.
  • Pork Apple Tacos – Pork Apple Tacos are a quick, easy dinner choice that the whole family will love – perfect for a midweek dinner.
  • Apple Hazelnut Toast – Sweet and tangy Kanzi apples are a match made in heaven for earthy hazelnuts. Add a touch of honey and warm cinnamon to make this a real treat!
  • Apple Pie Smoothie – This healthy smoothie is bursting with the natural sweetness and tangy flavour of juicy Kanzi apples! A simple blend of spices and a touch of vanilla make this clean treat reminiscent of a warm apple pie. 
  • Ploughman’s Board – The Ploughman’s board is perfect for a picnic or gathering. Kanzi apples perfectly cut through the salty, creaminess of the cheese, making this the perfect dish to bring to any gathering.