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If Your Family Forgets to Celebrate Your Special Day

Did your family forget Mother?s Day/Your Birthday/ Your anniversary? I?m sorry that?s tough.

If you enjoy the yearly celebration and recognition it?s almost certain that you are not feeling happy. In fact you are probably feeling angry, resentful, hurt and upset. You are probably thinking that they SHOULD have remembered this day. You might be making it mean that your family doesn?t really care. Maybe they don?t love you as much as you thought.

OK STOP! Actually lets just back up a bit.

Your family does love you, right? Don?t let the fact that they forgot, spoil a perfectly good day. If today wasn?t a special day, you wouldn?t have expected anything? and you wouldn?t be feeling any pain. So how can you use that to your advantage?

Press the refresh button.

Make it a great day! Let the people you love know what you would like to do. Make it a great day without any expectations. When we have expectations of other people and we don?t let them know (we ALL do this, believe me!) then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. We can always ask!

Go ahead and ask from a place of love and no expectation and see what happens. And if they don?t oblige and spoil you to death, you should go out and do it yourself, for you!

Article by Nicky Hammond
Image by Alexis Chloe, Unsplash.