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I love the beach but hate my body since having kids – How to turn your beach nightmare into a summer dream

As a woman and a mother, feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin can sometimes be a challenge, especially with Summer around the corner. Whether you’re a mother of toddlers, school age or adult children, those scars and experiences our bodies reflect should have us in awe and wonder about the feats of the human body. Instead, it can see us retreating into anxiety about the thought of stepping onto the beach.

Aging and motherhood are two things that can bring so much joy and promise. They are a privilege. Yet as we see our bodies change, we can get hung up on a negative mindset, focussed on our stretch marks, or sunspots, or changing body shape. As summer approaches, it doesn’t help to have social media focused on solutions to winter weight gain. Whether it’s a reality for you or not, it’s another reminder that we’re not good enough. These are all things that can play with a woman’s confidence as beach weather nears, especially for new mothers.

Thinking about yourself, summer and beach going with a different mindset is the key. Here’s our top tips to turning your beach nightmares into sweet summer dreams:

Be kinder to yourself

Body image is all about how you feel and perceive your own body. It is not a truth, but a construct that you have consciously or subconsciously developed. Be mindful of your negative self talk and acknowledge it when it happens. That’s important, as feeling unhappy about your body can lead to treating your body poorly and the cycle continues. It may help to think what a good friend may say in response to your negative self talk. Be that friend to yourself.

Be social media savvy

If you find yourself scrolling your social media feed and feeling depressed about your body, unfollow the pages that are triggering. There are plenty of body positive advocates around and plenty of diversity. Seek out pages and influencers that make you feel good about yourself and inspire you positively. 

Use fashion as a tool to boost your confidence

We’ve all put on an outfit that has lifted our spirits. The same goes for beachwear. Think of it as summer wear, not bikinis, and choose an outfit for the beach that makes you feel good about yourself, physically and emotionally. Don’t feel under pressure to bare all, as we now know, that pressure is coming from you (be kinder to yourself). If you have an issue with a certain body part, then choose something to cover it up. Modest fashion and swimwear is now accessible. There are plenty of choices in swimsuits, coverups and resort wear too, plus sun safe and flattering rashie tops, rashie bottoms and swim dresses that will support you to look good, feel good and enjoy all that the beach has to offer.

Let go of those beach nightmares and dive into sweet dreams this summer. Make it your most confident and stylish one yet!

Lyndal Sterenberg is an entrepreneur, online store owner, swimwear designer and on a mission for all women to enjoy summer. Beginning her career as a marketer, Lyndal worked across industries to eventually specialise in professional services marketing and thought leadership. She studied an MBA, had three children, renovated her home and found herself in midlife wanting more. On the beach one summer, inspiration hit, and she began her side hustle, Es Una swimwear.