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How to keep your kids active in winter

Winter is the perfect time to keep your kids active, not only to assist their health, but also their mind, energy levels and sleep. With only 19% of Aussie kids meeting the recommended guideline of 1 hour of physical activity per day according to Sport Australia, now is the time to encourage regular exercise and lay the foundations for a healthy and active life for your child. 

So what are some fun things that will get them excited? Here are our picks.

Ninja Parc

With Ninja Warrior coming back onto TV, the ultimate way to keep your kids active would be to allow them to channel their favourite contestants by jumping, swinging and sliding at an indoor obstacle course. There’s horizontal and vertical doors, rope climbs, warped walls, and more to make things challenging and fun.

Ninja Parc taps into the very essence of childhood: play and adventure, and with the popular show coming back to air it is the perfect time for kids to channel their inner ninja and put themselves to the test.

The school holiday program runs on weekdays from June 28- July 9 and it is a 3-hour supervised program so parents can get some time to themselves while their kids burn some energy.

Sydney Harbour 10K/5K run in partnership with the Sebastian Foundation

The Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10K and 5K returns to Sydney’s historic Rocks area and it is the perfect course for families as it is completely flat. It is also an awesome course for those looking to smash their PB.

The previous Sydney Harbour 10k events have attracted the best of the best when it comes to Australia’s elite racing fraternity, including Olympians Marty Dent, Lisa Weightman, Liam Adams and Lara Tamsett who have joined more than 6,000 other participants to take advantage of the flat and fast course and enjoy the stunning scenery on a crisp Sydney morning. Be sure to celebrate and relax after your event at the post event recovery area located at the forecourt of the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Register now for the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10k and 5k at  and make a commitment to your winter fitness. Sunday July 25, 2021.

JUMPd Indoor Trampoline Centre

Located in Brookvale, JUMPd indoor trampoline centre and adventure destination is where exercise and play become one. JUMPd immerses people of all ages in a fun, social and physically exhilarating way.

Trampolining has a range of health benefits including boosting cardiovascular health, improving endurance and relieving stress and tension according to Healthline. Improved balance, coordination and motor skills make this low-impact activity comparatively gentle on joints compared to running or tennis.  

With five star reviews and beginner, intermediate and advanced classes run by an Australian representative trampoliner, JUMPd provides the perfect environment for your kids to home their performance and trick skills in a safe and bouncy environment. 

Featuring kids, main and performance trampoline areas in addition to 2 Olympic sized trampolines and 4 runner trampolines designed for flips, JUMPd is perfect for all experience levels.

Martial Arts

PCYC Northern Beaches is located in Dee Why and offers martial arts classes to all ages. Each week participants spend time improving their self-defence skills in a safe and inclusive environment that fosters learning and development.

Martial arts provides a fun and social way to encourage fitness in tandem to strengthening the mind and improving self-confidence, according to Team Kids. Martial Arts allows kids to work on goal-setting and self-improvement. Participants are encouraged to ascend the ranks and acquire more advanced belts as their technique, form and sparring ability improves.

Promoting respect, listening skills and teamwork, martial arts facilitates conflict resolution and belonging. Getting active through martial arts improves children’s strength and flexibility and includes a range of mental health benefits including stress release and an increase in confidence.   

Originating from Japan, Karate is a recent addition to the Olympics and is perhaps the most iconic of all the martial arts. Popularised in movies such as the Karate Kid, this sport is offered at junior and senior levels at PCYC. 

Tae Kwon Do originates from Korea and is taught by Master Ron, who provides superior modern training methods and techniques, combined with a deep respect for the traditions of the art. Choose from either Karate or Tae Kwon Do to foster learning and exercise this winter.


The North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics offers beginner to high level competition classes for all ages. Their state of the art facility at Pittwater Sports Centre includes a well-equipped gymnasium complete with trampolines, a huge foam pit, flying trapeze, ropes, rings and much more. 

Children are given the freedom to explore and learn through engaging activities that are equal parts challenging and rewarding, allowing children to become more confident and independent.

Gymnastics improves flexibility, motor skills, accelerates learning and improves concentration. As children acquire new skills, new neural pathways are formed. The more a neural pathway is used the stronger it gets, according to, which states, “kids’ brains are flexible enough to continuously build new circuits and refine often-used neural pathways.” 

Gymnastics also improves strength, healthy lifestyles choices, improved self esteem and time management with many top performing gymnasts being top performing students, as reported by Gymnastics Australia.