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How to have a romantic night in

Sneaking out for a date night can be a little tricky especially when you?re trying to find a babysitter. So, why not create a romantic night at home with a little help from Belrose Super Centre. We think a sweet but simple way to create a little love at home is to set-up a picnic in your living room or backyard that you can enjoy once the kids have gone to bed.

Here?s what you?ll need to grab while you?re at Belrose Super Centre:

A picnic basket and blanket?


Comfortable (but stylish) cushions


Some reusable LED candles to set the mood

Beacon Lighting

A tent if you?d like to stay out all night


An outdoor portable speaker to play all your favourite songs

JB Hi-Fi

Download a romantic flick to your tablet to watch… suggestions include Pretty Woman, The Notebook or Dirty Dancing

A love note from the heart sharing containing all your favourite memories with each other at home

We hope you enjoy your special date!

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