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How To Get Your Fitness Back On Track When You Have Taken Time Out

Well 2020 has certainly been a challenging year! And for many particularly challenging to maintain the routine of exercise, while trying to juggle, working from home, remote learning, limited access to child care, and so the list goes on.

As we all slowly roll back to normal life, it’s important to re establish our exercise routines, but the mere thought of that can be overwhelming when we have been so out of whack.

These are some steps that may be helpful, to regain your sense of control over this aspect of your life, and in turn start feeling and performing better… get back to the old you!

  • Start small – our workouts don’t have to be super long to be effective… 30 minutes 3 times a week is a great start!
  • Plan it into your week – just like you would any other appointment, don’t leave it to chance, or how you feel on the day, find the times that work and commit to them
  • Do what you love – reconnect with the style of exercise that you enjoy
  • Connect with people – often we can find motivation and accountability by connecting with a like minded people, a friend, a personal trainer or a gym community.
  • Allow yourself the time – YES you are important. YES your health and vitality impacts every single aspect of your life and NO you are not selfish to allow yourself time to invest in yourself, in fact you are role modelling excellent behaviour for EVERYONE around you!

Most importantly, don’t judge yourself on what you have done in the past, past is past, it’s time to start fresh, don’t beat yourself up, celebrate each win everyday.

We will all eventually get back to ‘normal’, but don’t wait for it to just happen. Make a conscious decision that your health and fitness is important, because it is! And so are you! Step by step you will get there, and remember to reach out for support. You don’t need to do this alone, you and millions of others are feeling this way, let’s work together to get ‘back on track’.

Kate Groube – Fitness Trainer at Genesis Health and Fitness